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The MetaHub, Detailed overview of the current Metagame and statistics

AetherHub Updates 
By: andreliverod - 10 Jun 2019

The new MetaHub is now available on the site. We have separated the user posted decks from the tournament lists. Summaries and statistics are available making it easy to get an overview of the meta.

We are always working on expanding AetherHub, either by making new things or upgrading existing site functions. With our latest update, we made use of our tournament decklists that Spike, the friendly meta-bot is fetching for us. So far he has fetched 1.714 tournament decks since we hired him a couple of months ago. We wanted to make more use out of the decks and thought it would be interesting making a Meta game page with an easy to read the summary of the current meta. At the same time, we already had Deck Statistics of all user-posted decks on Aetherhub but we wanted to make a new view with only stats for the Tournament decks too. 


The DeckHub was getting messy
With both user-posted decks, videos, writeups, statistics, "My decks" and in addition the Tournament posted lists, we felt that the DeckHub was getting really messy and clunky to navigate. We, therefore, decided to create the MetaHub. This will make it easier for users to find what they want and also make the structure more logical. It would be a lot more confusing to shove everything into one tab menu, requiring users to read the menu choices before navigating to their destination. Instead of now where it is more of a muscle memory selection, hover MetaHub, click the first choice for a meta-summary.


Introducing the Metagame
Our brand new view gives users the ability to see a neat summary of the current tournament meta arranged by the top played Archetype. Arranged from the top by percentage going down through all the archetypes, we give you a good overview of all archetypes in the meta on one single page. MTG Arena players can with ease see what type is cheapest to craft, paper players have prices in both USD and EUR, and we are also working with getting TIX for MTG Online players. Clicking on one of the deck types will bring you to the newest tournament posted deck of that type.

Separated by formats and with easy access to the latest tournaments

New Deck View! 
And here comes the next part, the new deck-view. Well the view in itself is the same as in normal public decks, with three selectable choices, Visual, CMC and Compact, but the unique thing here is the side list. This will display all Similar decks, their placements (when available) and the tournament name. Sorted with the newest on the top. There are of course also Export choices available and a link to the DeckHub view where you can see all stats and run draw simulations etc. 

This makes it easy for users to navigate through different builds of a deck, compare cards, sideboards and maybe get an idea as to what variation they would like to play. We also give you similar user posted decks as well, based on how popular they are. Not a big fan of using tier 1 meta lists or want a different take on an archetype, check out the similar user's decks below the tournament list. As all pages on AetherHub this also works great on mobile, but it really shines on a desktop where you have a wider screen. 

Easy to view and compare different deck lists

And let's not forget the overview of the new statistics on both user and tournament decks. They are now more streamlined and easy to read and we wanted a deck statistics on the Metagame in addition to user-posted decks, it was therefore natural to put a Statistics tab in both the DeckHub and the MetaHub.


One more change has been done to the DeckHub search. Not many have probably seen the statistic summary that works together with the search filters because they were hidden away behind a button. We have now removed this button and made the statistics always visible on the side menu! Not only have we have put a lot of effort into this function and do not want to hide it away, but we also feel that it is quite useful and most users have never seen it. So here it is in all its glory, combine it with different filters, even deck names or usernames!


About andreliverod

André Liverød Founder and CEO of AetherHub.com, techie, senior IT Network consultant, web dev, and MTG enthusiast. Likes to play with fire. You can follow André on Twitter.

"Nuts & Bolts Spike spends his energy looking within. He tries to understand his own internal flaws and works to improve them"


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