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The Case For Making Artifacts Work in the Current Meta

Arena Standard Discussion 
By: Mastershake1983 - 01 Aug 2019

This is the signal, the MASTERshake signal, coming through to you on a sunny Wednesday afternoon with not much to do other than wait for the new season to arrive on Arena in a couple hours and the current - color specific - Meta got me really thinking - can artifacts work right now? G/U flash is dominating, the only way to beat G/U flash is to be faster or protection from blue, and there are all kinds of alternate paths to success with a very balanced Meta that includes Jeskai (Hurray!), Esper (In its many forms), Vamps, Scapeshift, and (shameless plug alert

Tutor TroNiscience - Possible Infinite

Main 60 cards (18 distinct)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (12)
Planeswalker (12)
Creature (12)
Land (24)
Side 15 cards (15 distinct)

Simulating MTG Arena Best of 1 starting hand
(Simplified, true algorithm in MTGA not revealed by Wizards yet)
) my own brew I call Tutor TroNiscience (that has been EXTREMELY competitive on Diamond I might add). There has to be room for artifacts - right? With Karn, Scion of Urzaimage, Karn, the Great Creatorimage, Tezzeret, Artifice Masterimage, Tezzeret, Master of the Bridgeimage, Dovin, Grand Arbiterimage, and Ugin, the Ineffableimage there has to be a way to put the cards together in order to be competitive. Thus,

Tezzeret Artifacts

Main 61 cards (21 distinct)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (14)
Planeswalker (14)
Creature (9)
Land (24)
Side 15 cards (9 distinct)

Simulating MTG Arena Best of 1 starting hand
(Simplified, true algorithm in MTGA not revealed by Wizards yet)
was born. 

I started with the idea of drawing as this was originally another version of my Tutor TroNiscience deck. I knew I needed cards in hand and artifacts on the table, so I immediately put Bag of Holdingimage and Guild Globeimage into the deck. Mono red is sticking around like an annoying fly you can't swat, so I put Fountain of Renewalimage in to buy time to establish the board. I wanted to control my draw so I put in Treasure Map // Treasure Coveimage - especially since it can help get your artifact engines out a lot sooner one you flip it and get your treasures. I wasn't satisfied with the draw power, so I put Fblthp, the Lostimage in as a way to draw and activate the Mox Amberimage. Sai, Master Thopteristimage is a natural in this deck as it not only survives lightning bolt and shock, but also serves as a mini engine to get thopters out on the board turn 4 or later. 

With the core established, I set about working through my bombs. Dovin is a great early card for creating blockers that also helps itself survive to turn 4 - not to mention is also an engine for Thopers. The Karns are great, with Scion helping find things in the deck and creating your secondary win condition - its token that has p/t equal to the number of artifacts on the board. The Great Creator works to both create blockers (by turn 4/5, the original artifacts are superfluous, feel free to chump it up while you prepare to blot out the sun with your Thopters), and Tutor your awesome artifacts from your sideboard. The Tezzerets have great abilities with this deck, with the Artifice Master serving to create thopters and draw cards, while the Bridge is your win condition (not to mention helps to bring some artifacts back from the graveyard. Ugin seems extra here - doesn't create artifacts and the 2/2 tokens aren't that useful by the time he gets into play - BUT you get to play him for free (or near to) by the time you have the bridge out! It was clutch it playtesting. 

After these cards - I still didn't feel right somehow. I was running a solid deck - but it wasn't any different, really, than the thopter deck I tried Pre-M20 and that didn't run that great. Then I remembered Steel Overseerimage, a quaint little card that supercharges your thopters like roids AND serves to activate Sai turn 4. 

Now, I included 61 cards here - but only because Mox Amber is zero casting cost. If you're nit-picky and NEED 60 cards - like OCD about it or something - I suggest looking at Depose // Deployimage, not any of the artifacts. It hasn't been that useful, but it did save me in a matchup with Mono Red today. 

The sideboard is basically the Mono-Green tron sideboard, so if you are familiar with that, this is a breeze. Blackblade Reforgedimage, Chaos Wandimage, God-Pharaoh's Statueimage, Grafdigger's Cageimage, Helm of the Hostimage, Silent Gravestoneimage, Sorcerous Spyglassimage, and Thaumatic Compass // Spires of Orazcaimage. I love that you can fetch these during the game. I don't have a solution yet for Scapeshift other than - win faster? So any suggestions there would be extremely helpful. 

Update: In playtesting Diamond, this deck went about .500 with terrible matchups against Elementals and Scapeshift. Everything else it was really competitive with, or at least as competitive as everything else I have played.  

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