The Best March of the Machine the Aftermath Bombs in Limited

ChrisCee May 15, 2023 3 min
The Best March of the Machine the Aftermath Bombs in Limited

March of the Machine: The Aftermath is generally considered by most players as a very underwhelming set, mainly in part due to the huge disparity of its price to the total value that this set offers. This includes Limited, where a good portion of the time, people simply tend to skip Aftermath cards whenever possible.

But not all of these apples are rotten for Draft and Sealed games. There is still a bit of value (and hope?) for the fortunate ones, if they happen to come across these March of the Machine the Aftermath Limited bombs.



Featured Tier 1 Bomb


Narset, Enlightened Exile

The one and only premier bomb in this set, and everyone already knows why. Giving Prowess alone to all of your creatures (including herself) is already a nice deal, worthy of this rating already by itself. But given her attack trigger, her usability for various builds breaks open to all directions, giving even non-aggro decks a run for their hard-earned mana. She will more or less be a wonderful all-rounder pick that you will not regret.


Featured Tier 2 Bombs


Niv-Mizzet, Supreme

Very finicky and tricky outside Limited, but it becomes a built-in protected powerhouse flyer within the format. Just a brute-force answer, really, though this reason is more than enough for him to be a very close auto-pick whenever you possibly can. His graveyard-related effects can be largely ignored, as you have tactically no targets that are of worthy interest for the format, and even in Standard actually.


Plargg and Nassari

Basically extra draws and free casts on a 5/4 body, with the minor caveat of waiting until your next upkeep before things get rolling. Even if your opponent can choose the worst card out of the exiled pile, you still get to cast two from the rest for free. Plus, multiple copies effectively negate such disadvantages anyway, so all it needs is to survive one turn cycle, and the snowballing starts there.


Featured Tier 3 Bombs?


Ob Nixilis, Captive Kingpin

Being a solid 4/3 flying and trampler alone is already generally enough to be on the above-average priority pick list, even for the rather lame set that it belongs to. As for the extra +1/+1 counter and draw trigger, it does require exactly one damage, as such overall stability is quite low. Your best hope for Limited to stabilize this effect would be to combo him with something like an Invasion of Azgol // Ashen Reaperimage.


Ayara's Oathsworn

Definitely a better card on the side of rewarding setups, since Menace is very critical for the turn it is expected to appear. Realistically, though, the maximum average counters you will ever get is two, unless you can pull off something resembling a Golgari or Abzan +1/+1 counters deck in Limited. So, you can more or less forget about its tutoring effect for most of your games in a single run.


Rocco, Street Chef

At a glance, its first effect feels rather underwhelming, since giving your opponent free draws feels a bit too heavy for the trigger the card can get. But, think of it another way in Limited. Only your next end step is considered the "deadline", so it can potentially lead to a sequential misplay.

... or you just get your ass kicked harder. But hey, you still get your draw too, and at least the card's last two effects could trigger twice!


Tranquil Frillback

A simple 3/3 for three with different modal effects depending on how many extra green mana you can pay (max 6 total). Each of the cumulative effects is actually pretty sweet, given that you technically just pay one for each of them. This, of course, also includes the 4 life gain, though it is not accessible unless you pay the full price.


Calix, Guided by Fate

In Limited, Calix basically functions as a "Backup" card that willingly transfers part of his stat in cost to another creature. Well, he's restricted by his legendary card status, but the value counts. And if you are lucky enough to pull a good number of enchantments? He becomes a tier 2 bomb, multiplying advantages in both spell and combat triggers so long as he can deal damage.


Rebuild the City

Creates three copies of any land without restriction for a huge late-game ramp. On top of that, you also essentially create triple 3/3's with vigilance and menace at the cost of just two mana each! Should you survive that long, this card will always bring more than enough value in Limited even if you simply copy any random basic land.


Uncommon 'Bomb'?


Tolarian Contempt

Pretty expensive for a very slow and inefficient-looking board wipe. Except it does quite a bit more. First, you get to ebb one target immediately at the end of your turn. Your opponent has the option of either salvaging that creature for a draw delay, or permanently locking it at the bottom of the library to keep draws intact.

Not as dramatic of a choice when dealing with tokens, unfortunately.


Common 'Bombs'

None. (Set has no commons.)

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