Top 10 Best Commons in Wilds of Eldraine

ChrisCee September 2, 2023 5 min
Top 10 Best Commons in Wilds of Eldraine

Wilds of Eldraine is certainly shaping up to be quite the positive formulaic addition to Standard that everybody has been expecting in MTG. Of course, we have the new mechanics of Role tokens, Bargain, and Celebration to play with, as they don't just shake the imagination towards higher rarity featured cards, but are also quite abundant in notable common cards.

(DISCLAIMER: As usual, reprints are excluded. We will only list fresh entries from the set itself. Also, while evaluations for the Pauper format are somewhat considered, the entries listed are mostly chosen for their viability in Standard and a bit of Limited.)

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Archon's Glory

With the set revolving around always having disposable permanents on the field, Archon's Glory is a surefire way to keep your opponent's reckless moves in check. With just a tiny bit of (unnoticeable) investment, the tide of one battle completely changes, you get to gain a bunch of life, and you even get to remove any direct combat damage attempts without so much as a hitch. Even worse, depending on the build, you may even get something bigger for the bargained permanent.


Armory Mice

Very efficient stats and body, with a keyword ability that is just as easy to trigger with any of its synergistic permanent generators within the same set... theoretically. Apart from itself (being cast on that turn), any Role token producing permanent spell, for example, already counts as two. Something like a Voldaren Epicureimage also counts as two permanents on the same turn. Safe to say, it would maintain its 3/3 stats on most turns it is active. Even if it doesn't, just trade it for a Graveyard Trespasser // Graveyard Gluttonimage or something else of similar frustration level to (re)gain value.


Return Triumphant

Yep, it's another one of those three mana for less reanimator cards. This time, you get a Young Hero role attached to the creature! Okay, maybe it's quite limiting compared to the likes of The Restoration of Eiganjo // Architect of Restorationimage. But, you can at least still celebrate with it. It can also definitely form its niche in the same way as Invasion of Tolvada // The Broken Skyimage when it supplanted cards like Invoke Justiceimage.


Spell Stutter

This one is, of course, quite situational as it requires a specific build to be effective. As such, it is already several levels lower than Protect the Negotiatorsimage or even the ever-reliable Make Disappearimage. But within its viable (semi) tribal build, it is essentially a native Counterspellimage, becoming an obligatory addition similar to Bring the Endingimage. Bonus points for its flavorful reference to the original Spellstutter Spriteimage.


Warehouse Tabby

No, not the MTG accursed one drop black cat from the same plane, thankfully. But the huge potential is still there. It doesn't end with itself, as multiple copies generate multiple tokens. Even its tokens will create more tokens. You only need one or two reliable triggers for it to start rolling, and everything starts with just a single black mana. Looking forward to its official debut in the near future. What, the tokens can't block? Nah, not going to be a problem in the slightest.


Not Dead After All

Much like Return Triumphantimage, this card tries once again the flavor of permanents returning to the battlefield with reset values in the name of Feign Deathimage and Undying Maliceimage. Except for this time, you get a nifty little boost from a disposable attached permanent rather than straight up getting a +1/+1 counter, making it the better celebration trigger.


Gnawing Crescendo

Probably the most interesting card out of all the best commons. At worst, it is just a simple board wipe recovery tool. But with its positives, there's quite a lot of value that you can get with it. You can push for a stalemate engagement through a solid defense, guaranteeing a set of tokens after a somewhat pyrrhic combat phase. It can be an efficient finisher. You can even stack multiple copies to make the returns look silly. Definitely a solid addition to any red aggro deck in the near future.


Torch the Tower

Doesn't seem as amazing in theory, given the tricks that other burn spells in Standard can already offer. But, it can provide a more absolute way of eliminating threats, in a way that could eventually trump Play with Fireimage. Besides, if you can bargain it for no loss in card advantage, then it still effectively becomes a Lightning Boltimage with additional tactical benefits, even if it does fall short compared to the likes of Voltage Surgeimage.


Brave the Wilds

The textbook one-drop basic land searcher for Wilds of Eldraine. Quite the boring description if it just ends there. But if you can offer something (cheaper) in return, you immediately get a hasty solid 3/3 body as well. Sure, your mana curve will be affected by direct removal this way (as it stays as a creature), but the flexibility and early aggro option it can offer are just too enticing to resist.


Ferocious Werefox

Using a small combat trick isn't exactly the optimal move for turn two. But it does provide trample, and that could be relevant in some games. The main body itself isn't bad either, so when viewed from a 2-in-1 investment perspective, this card becomes one of the best common green creatures this set can offer. Here's to hoping that it can find an easy niche within the established decks of Standard soon.

Honorable Mentions


  • Slumbering Keepguard - True to its name, this card feels like some sort of sleeper common with the ability to fulfill its true potential with the correct setup. Might not be able to outright replace other slots on decks where it is supposed to be relevant, but its mana-sink potential can be quite potent with the right idea.
  • Water Wings - This one loses the cantrip option in exchange for providing flying and hexproof. Which is a good enough trade, I suppose, as it is still quite flexible enough to provide a lot of options within its turn curve. As such, this one has a slightly better chance of being more useful outside of Limited compared to Zhalfirin Shapecraftimage 
  • Ice Out - Originally intended as an easy Counterspellimage if using a lot of Wilds of Eldraine MTG cards. However, it does suffer from being mostly unusable during turn two, and as such loses critical points in dampening the tempo of your opponent early game. Would very much likely still have its place on certain decks, however, so it counts. Plus, anime Will's version of the card looks hella cool.
  • Return from the Wilds - A modal "choose two" card with decent effects for each option (for its rarity). What more is there to ask for? Ah yes, those very precious slots for deck builds. Well, with its mediocre potency, I suppose it won't supplant any specific card for its intended use anytime soon. 

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