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TCGPlayer Infinite - The new subscription service

By: andreliverod - 08 Nov 2019

TCGplayer Infinite is a new subscription service offered by TCGplayer to give Magic Players an edge over the competition! For $6.99 a month, they’re offering: an additional 2% store credit kickback on orders of over $35 that stacks on top of other kickback promotions that TCGplayer offers throughout the year Always free shipping when you order through TCGplayer Direct Your Direct orders will get to skip the line and get to your door faster than any others.

The service is invite-only right now and for the month of November, you can use the code: ‘Aetherhub’ on Infinite.Tcgplayer.com as a part of a special promotion they are running with our website.

Each time someone subscribes using our code, we earn a booster pack of Throne of Eldraine! If we can hit above 30 subscribers, they’ll send us the whole box. All of these boxes will go to one of our Community Tournaments in addition to the prizes already in the pool! So if this is something you find interesting, sign up with our promo code and come check back in December on one of our Community Tourneys with the chance of earning both physical and digital rewards for MTG Arena.

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