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Streaming Sponsorship and the future of Team Aether

Sponsorship TeamAether 
By: andreliverod - 27 Feb 2019

Changes are coming to our Streaming Sponsorship system, it will be integrated with Team Aether and also publicly available! What does this mean for you as a streamer and content creator?

Our sponsorship system on Twitch has been a great success, we have helped multiple streamers gain traction with the extra viewership and impressions from the website. At the same time, we get our site known amongst the streaming community. While we call it a sponsorship it is something that goes both ways and is in the direction of a partnership. We are very thankful for you guys in the program that has contributed to Aetherhubs growth these last months.

What is changing?

We agreed with the current people in the current system to run with the sponsorship out February as we expected to be ready to launch our new platform then. Of course, this is taking longer than expected so we are offering all currently sponsored streamers to continue the agreement until March 31st. The timeslots will be the same, 4 hours maximum one day a week. After this, we should be ready to commit to longer time periods and also present you to our new Team Aether. There is still work left to do and these things take time to set up.

Okay, so what happens after March?

We are collaborating with Opera Events, the guys behind Quest mode to bring Team Aether to the next level! You might have seen this on other streams and as a streamer, you might already be working with them. Our goal is for Team Aether to not only extend into a wider community of streamers but also giving everyone in the MTG community the opportunity to be part of something big. As a Twitch Affiliate or Partner, you can onboard with Team Aether with Quest mode, opening up sponsoring opportunities from multiple companies but also unique offerings on AetherHub.com like the Sponsorship system, Content Creator Status on the site or even our TCG Partnership for earning revenue on your deck and content creations on Aetherhub. You will get more details on how this works when the system is ready for launch, hopefully, sometime during March. Keep an eye out on articles, get in our Discord server and check out the Aetherhub Channel for what we are working on. People in the current sponsorship system will be notified directly. The requirement going forwards will be to be onboard in Team Aether for a chance for being sponsored, with some exceptions to individual streamers.

How does the Sponsorship system work?

By utilizing a scheduling system we can embed sponsored streamers on our webpage on a weekly basis. This enables viewers on the site to find your stream and they will also count towards your viewership. We present your stream only to desktop users and we have tools in place to ensure that tabbing out of the browser pauses the stream and opening multiple tabs do not trigger the system multiple times as not only is this bad behavior but it puts extra stress on our user's devices. We do adjustments to the functionality all the time and make adjustments according to our findings. Going forward we will be giving our Team members the opportunity to see and request available timeslots and it will be easy for them to see if we have anything available within their streaming schedule. 

How does Quest Mode Work?

Quest Mode is a platform that gives you the opportunity to participate in micro sponsorships without you needing to go looking for them. It gives you, and your community, the power to support your stream and content just by engaging with any of the Quests from our list. Watch as you and your community grow while you continue to do what you love!

Pick and choose the type of Quests you want to offer your community, reach milestones, and complete challenging achievements provided by each sponsor and get the awesome rewards up for grabs! You, and your community's skills and determination may be tested, but the rewards will more valuable the more challenging the achievement.

If you want more info on quest mode, we found this Video Guide by Mithrie very good.


We are excited to share more with you!

There is a lot at our hands right now at AetherHub and we have a lot of new stuff to share with you too. Keep an eye out on our Twitter or our Discord to see what we are putting out. Most Content Creators miss a lot of our functionality. Want to read more? Here are some more Content Creator articles you might be interested in: 


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