Solphim, Mayhem Dominus EDH Deck - Three Different Builds

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Genoslugcs · March 14, 2023 · 5 min
Solphim, Mayhem Dominus EDH Deck - Three Different Builds

Sophim, Mayhem Dominus is the red "Dominus" from Phyrexia: All Will Be One. It's a four-mana 5/4 that doubles up all the non-combat damage that you deal. Like all the other Dominus creatures in the set, it can also be made indestructible. The cost for Solphim is three mana - One of any color and two red/phyrexian mana (so red mana or two life) and discarding two cards.

While the general concept of "dealing a lot of non-combat damage" is pretty set in stone, there are still quite a few directions that you can take a Solphim, Mayhem Dominusimage deck in Commander. Today I'll be going over three different builds and the key cards for each strategy. Let's kick things off with the most straightforward.

Group Slug // Punisher

heartless hidetsugu

This version keeps it simple - Damage everything and everyone for everything they do. Damaging ourselves isn't a huge issue here considering the opponents are all going to be taking twice the amount of damage. So, let's look at some of the key elements to this version.

Dealing Damage

image image image

You'll want to sling around as much damage as possible each turn when playing Solphim. The deck runs ways to damage players each turn (Roiling Vorteximage, Sulfuric Vorteximage), whenever they tap lands (Manabarbsimage, Zo-Zu the Punisherimage, Burning Earthimage), casts spells (Guttersnipeimage, Spellshockimage, Rampaging Ferocidonimage) or do just about any other Magic related action.

image image image

The deck also plays Brallin, Skyshark Riderimage, Surly Badgersaurimage, and Glint-Horn Buccaneerimage alongside effects like Change of Fortuneimage, Wheel of Misfortuneimage, Faithless Lootingimage to deal damage. While also weaponizing damage-based board wipes like Earthquakeimage and Blasphmous Act with things Brash Taunterimage, and Toralf, God of Furyimage. Not only does this keep the board nice and clean but can also channel that damage at opponents.

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Damage Multipliers

image image image

Dealing damage in steady increments is the name of the game. However, you'll want to expedite the process at times, and tacking extra damage (or even outright doubling it) is a great way to do that. All of the cards pictured directly above (as well as the commander, Solphim, Mayhem Dominusimage) all do a fantastic job of getting more out of every point of damage. It's also worth mentioning that any damage-doubling effect is a one-shot kill with Heartless Hidetsuguimage.

Here's a full deck ist by Pubstompmtg: MONO RED PUNISHER

Dragon's Approach


This version is built around the card Dragon's Approachimage, which a deck can play as many copies of as it wishes. It deals three damage to each opponent (six with Solphim, Mayhem Dominusimage), and you can exile four Dragon's Approach from your graveyard to tutor a Dragon from your deck directly to the battlefield.

I do recommend running a few Dragons to grab out when you have the chance, but for the most part, the deck is interested in casting as many copies of Approach as possible, doubling each copy to six damage, and generating extra damage for cards that trigger for casting instants and sorceries.

Dragon's Approach + Thrumming Stone

image image

Thrumming Stoneimage is a very strange magic card that doesn't fit into too many decks. That said, it's a perfect fit here. Whenever you cast a Dragon's Approachimage you'll get to look at the top four cards of your library and cast any copies of Approach that you see, for free. The ones you cast for free will also have Ripple four - So, this cycle can repeat until you whiff or choose to stop. With your commander out and a little luck, you can string together enough of these to eliminate some players.

Instant And Sorcery Payoffs

image image image

Spells in this category are going to make each Dragon's Approachimage deal even more damage. For example, with Guttersnipeimage and Solphim, Mayhem Dominusimage in play, a single Dragon's Approach will deal 10 damage to each opponent. Aside from generating extra damage, cards like Storm-Kiln Artistimage and Neheb, the Eternalimage generate value in the form of extra mana.

image image

Whenever you're spell-slinging, it's nice to have a way to copy your spells and this deck is no exception. Pyromancer Ascensionimage is an all-star in this department since we'll have around 20 copies of our most important spell. Arcane Bombardmentimage plays a similar role but is a repeatable source for coping and can represent a lot of damage if left unanswered.

There is no shortage of spells to copy other ones, (Twinfernoimage is one of my favorites) and you'll want to include at least a few. Furthermore, cards like Past in Flamesimage and Underworld Breachimage are your friend for a build like this.

Utility Dragons

image image

Exactly how many Dragons you run and which ones are best for your meta is going to change from player to player. However, it's logical to include creatures that fit into some of the categories we've already covered - Dealing non-combat damage and casting instant and/or sorceries. Terror of the Peaksimage is a strong include for dealing extra damage. while Backdraft Hellkiteimage works well with Dragon's Approachimage. It's quite favorable too.

Here's a full deck list by: MadHatter


Alchemist's Greeting

The last version I'll be covering today will take advantage of the discard clause to make Solphim, Mayhem Dominusimage indestructible. Having a discard outlet stapled directly onto a damage doubler is a great way to enable Madness spells that deal damage, so that's exactly what we'll be doing with this build.

What To Discard

image image image

You can use Solphim, Mayhem Dominusimage ability as many times as you want. So, this makes it a great asset for weaponizing discarding cards. Madness spells that deal damage (such as Alchemist's Greetingimage, Violent Eruptionimage, and Fiery Temperimage) will all deal double damage when played alongside the commander and are exactly what the deck wants to be doing.

Not only will the constant flow of discardable cards almost always keep Solphim with an indestructible counter on him but it also allows you to cast Madness spells for very cheap and get around timing restrictions on many of the sorceries in the deck.

image image

In the same vein as the Madness cards, stuff with flashback is great to pitch into the graveyard as well. For example, Volley of Bouldersimage, Lightning Surgeimage, and Rolling Temblorimage can all be cast again from the yard - this not only makes them good discard fodder but good in general, as they can be used again after an organic cast as well.

Discard Payoffs

image image image

Aside from just dealing damage (and making Solphim indestructible), there are other payoffs for discarding cards too. Here are a couple of really cool ways to generate value with your discards in addition to the ones pictured above:

Here's an example list by: ElderDrunkenHighlander


The entire Dominus cycle from Phyrexia: All Will Be One makes for some very interesting Commanders. Solphim gives mono-red some new takes on old archetypes, and that's always nice. Having an indestructible counter on a damage doubler is a great way to ensure the damage keeps on flowing and your opponents can't escape the burn. I hope you enjoyed looking at some of the possible variations for the deck. Comment down below and let me know which version you like best.




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