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Reasons for playing BO1 over BO3

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By: the_shadow_nexus - 20 Feb 2019

Howdy everyone!

As i am sure, many people around these parts play MTGA. But i often find many people saying things such as "BO3 is better than BO1" or "Don't bother playing BO1 because it isn't real magic." These types of statements are quite fallicious in their conception and I'd like to explain a few reasons as to why people could play BO1 over BO3. 

Please understand that any of the statements that i make are 1.) Based on my personal experience and 2.) Not saying that BO1 is better than BO3. 

Reasons to play BO1

  • Time
    • Best of 1 format games objectively are faster matches. So you can get a few of them knocked out very quickly if you're pressed for time. 
  • Same cards -> Different format
    • Decks that are incredibly strong in a BO3 format aren't always going to be great in the best of 1 format and vice versa. This can give you the opportunity to play decks that you might not play in either format. 
  • Easier for beginners to get into the game. 
    • When learning MTG, one of the most difficult aspects of getting into the game is learning proper sideboarding. With BO1, you don't have to worry about that as you only play with the deck that you built. 
    • Also, by the same logic of being easier for beginners, BO1 costs less than BO3 as well because you don't have to worry about using wildcards for your the extra cards needed if you are low. In short, more budget friendly becuase decks like mono red aggro can be built for an incredibly low cost. 

Objectively, BO3 is better because it is indeed a more skill intensive format. But, it can also be intimidating to someone who isn't really that knowledgable about MTG. BO1 allows them to get their foot into the door and test the waters so thus speak. After they have gotten adjusted to playing BO1, then they SHOULD move to BO3 format. 

Welp! I've said my piece! I wanna thank Aetherhub for giving me a space to be able to write this type of content and i look forward to writing more! Until next time!

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bo1 is best for new players...and if you get good at bo1 you can make mythic....ez
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