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Partnering up with Cardmarket for European Prices
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By: andreliverod - 04 Jun 2019

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We are now working with to provide you with card prices in Euro! Cardmarket is the largest sales site for trading cards in Europe. Not only is this great news for our European users but it also opens opportunities for US residents as the EU market is quite different from the American. With our pricing lists and soon to come market comparison tools, it is easy to get an overview of the best deals. It is easy to swap between dollars and euros in the price tabs and we are still working on making it more easy to select and have your browser remember your preferred currency.


Card information graphs are restricted by 10 days due to Cardmarket regulations


Our new Visual view of prices now contains USD and EUR side by side:

We look forward to working with our new partner to provide prices for the European market! We still have some syncup work with the promo cards and will be bringing these prices into our Collection system soon too. 



Agreed, import / Export is an important base function of any collection system.
It's jsut that there is no way to enter cards to your collection except manual clicking, which is crazy for thousands of cards.
A simple excel/csv import would be great, in any format - that way users at least can work in excel to bring their collection to your format and upload.
Really hard to give an ETA, we have these functions that we are working on right now: New Metagame and deck view, new Market/Stock like information view, Overhaul on the Tourney section. So it is hard to give an estimate. The first import/export is going to be with our own database set names etc. Are you looking for support for other sites? Our sets names are identical to Scryfall and I do not think many other deckbuilding sites use that format. So supporting them will take a lot of work.
@andreliverod Would you be so kind to advice if there is any ETA on the collection import from at least one source?
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