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New Masters Set: Double Masters

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By: Kagros - 22 May 2020

Hello everyone. Wizards has put out a very surprising announcement today: Masters sets have returned!

Update: Weekly MTG Spoilers added and some additional information from the stream.

Product Information

Release Date: August 7, 2020

332 cards

24 packs per booster box

15-card booster packs, with two rares and two foil cards per pack! (And, yes, those foils can be up to two additional rares.)

Two non-foil borderless showcase box topper cards included in each booster box

Available in English, French, German, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese

Double Masters will be available on Magic Online starting August 6 for $6.99 per booster. It will not be redeemable.

Wizards will be discussing this product on Weekly MTG this afternoon at 2:30pm on twitch.tv/magic. You can head over to Magic's Twitter account to vote on which card they will be previewing today!

They will also be replacing Collector's Edition in this product with a VIP Edition. There will be more details about this VIP Edition at a later date. Previews will begin in mid-July.

Every box of Double Masters will come with TWO non-foil showcase box toppers.

There will be no fetchlands in this product, but fetchlands, as previously announced, will be available in another product that is not the Secret Lair Ultimate Edition.

Additional Weekly MTG Information

When you draft this set, for your first pick of a pack, you will draft two cards. So, if you'd like to grab both rares from the pack, you are free to do so. Subsequent picks in the pack will have you draft one card at a time.

There are also multiple 0-mana artifacts in this set.

121 Rares and 40 Mythics in the set. The set was designed by looking at Ultimate Masters and seeing what players liked and building on top of that. Double Masters going to be a higher power level than Ultimate Masters.

There is at least one card that will be new to foil. There are cards that are upshifted and downshifted.

This is not an LGS-only product. This will be available at Big Box Stores.

There will not be any Buy-a-Box promos in addition to the Box Topper.


Several cards were also spoiled today and they are shown below.




Hope you are all as excited as I am for the return of the Masters sets!

About Kagros:

Writing thoughts on Magic news and fun gameplay!


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Sadly, no new fetches, though I do imagine they'll be another hot land cycle printed! Any guesses? The allied fast-lands from Scars of Mirrodin (Blackcleave Cliffs, etc.) could use a reprint.
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