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New Details on Secret Lair: Godzilla Lands

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By: Kagros - 25 Apr 2020

Wizards officially announced the Godzilla Lands today in this announcement. We previously covered this release when it was unofficially announced. You can see the card forms in our previous post, but there is some new details in Wizard's official announcement.

This Secret Lair will be availabe for 24 hours starting at 9 AM PT on May 7 for $29.99 at secretlair.wizards.com. Each Secret Lair will come with 1 copy of each of the 5 basic Godzilla lands and a code for the Godzilla Plains sleeve on Magic Arena.

Due to the effects of Covid-19, this will be the first Secret Lair to be preorder only, meaning that Wizards will only print cards AFTER the order has been placed. Wizards has given at ETA of July for players to start getting their hands on the cards. Wizards also announced that they have implemented sub-stores in the Secret Lair store. One store will serve Europe and the other store will serve the other regions. Players will automatically be re-directed to the approriate sub-store when they go to the Secret Lair site. This change is also a boon for EU players as it will help them avoid paying additional fees for international shipping and importing.

Godzilla Land Artwork

Here is the artwork for the Godzilla lands!






Quick Financial Analysis

This isn't the first time Wizards has done a basic land Secret Lair. In their first Secret Lair series, Wizards sold a Winter Wonderland Secret Lair that had 5 snow basics for $29.99. Not many people bought it, so the lands commanded a high price tag. In fact, the Snow Island is the most expensive Secret Lair single. You can check out the Snow Basic prices by going here and sorting the visual list by Number.

According to the Pricelist, the 5 snow basics go for about $75 if you were to buy them on the open market. The Godzilla lands will likely not reach this point because of the fact that the previous Basic Land Secret Lair is now worth a lot, but it should still end up more than the the original price of $29.99. Based on previous Secret Lair data, the more unpopular a Secret Lair, the more the singles will end up being. I don't anticipate this being any different, especially, with the shipping delays in this product, less people may want to pick this up.

If you want to buy this to flip it, the market for this will be small especially since there will be a potential investors buying this product than the previous Winter Wonderland. These basic lands are certainly unique and if you want these in your deck, feel free to pick this up!

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You know, I always wondered by Hedora never got a "Godzilla-skin" card in this set? Like, wouldn't Umori have been perfect? Oh well, happy to see the slimy guy on a swamp, at least.
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