Mindless Timeless with Brainless Tyrranax Rex

ChrisCee December 21, 2023 3 min
Mindless Timeless with Brainless Tyrranax Rex

Does Timeless feel a bit too complex with all this experimenting and testing? Are you tired from the day and simply want a nice, enjoyable new format MTG game to relieve your stress? Well have I got the deck for you!


Pretty sure this alone already explains everything… with a reassuring Veil of Summer, of course.

Tyrranax Rex doesn’t really require any complex explanations just to show how powerful it is. It’s just your uncounterable hulking beatstick that threatens to end the game in three swings in two different ways. Very formidable, but not exactly that impressive either.

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Unless… we center the deck around this beast of pestilence. Ramp is on the menu of course, but devotion wouldn’t exactly be the theme. Especially with a certain ‘moon’ running around and placing a heavier emphasis on fetchlands more than cards like Deathrite Shamanimage ever would.

Instead, we split the focus between ramp and protections. No, not Bogle-level protection, although the mechanics should be structurally quite the same. Hit hard and fast without using spells that provide a cumulative advantage, and instead cast Tyrranax Rex only and nothing else a variety of different independent creatures that are almost completely immune to anything that any control deck would like to do. That, or make them pay card-per-card if they do decide to take a peek at your options.


Very tempting, but I'll stick with my brainless moves

The first huge splash, which is around turn three, should already be threatening a near-game conclusion on the first try. Can you see now why devotion isn’t going to work here? Well, I suppose there are other technical reasons, but this is the most important factor.


Same protections! Though Titan probably wouldn't be using that much, if it is even cast in the first place anyway.

Supporting the frontlines with Tyrranax Rex is our indomitable Titan of Industryimage and Carnage Tyrantimage. The former has already proven its versatility in most decks that can cheat it into play, while the latter serves as our “second set” Tyrranax Rex.


Llanowar Elves doesn't feel as nice of a sac fodder for Natural Order though.

For hand fixing and deck utility in general, we have Natural Orderimage and Once Upon a Timeimage. These two are quite self-explanatory, although Once Upon a Time would usually require a more proper cast timing if you cannot fulfill its first effect.


Edict effects are also eligible!

Veil of Summerimage is a pretty nice super hate card, but for this brainless deck, it is an obligatory addition. Yup, all four copies of them. You know the drill, leave one open for casting for anything that doesn't have inherent protections. Don’t hesitate to use them in response even if your opponent only casts one blue or black spell for that turn. In Timeless, you can basically use it for more than 80% of the decks that you are going to encounter. Trust me.


Feels very replaceable, but then again feels just right in place. Except for the shaman, though. That one stays.

Then we have the ramp squad of Gilded Gooseimage, Arboreal Grazerimage, Delighted Halflingimage, and Deathrite Shamanimage. Not much practical reason for the ramp effect itself actually, although the first two can definitely stifle any early aerial offensives during those first crucial three turns. Castle Garenbrigimage then serves the purpose of a secondary ramp post-turn four.


Not bad for a fodder option eh?

As for Hashep Oasisimage… well, it should function as wildcard pump effect land. But I suppose you can replace it with another MTG card that is more in tune with your objectives. Oh yeah, at the very tail end of the decklist would be our green-oriented fetchlands. Yeah, slap in as many as you can.


Tips and Tricks

  • Aside from other straightforward weaknesses like average setup speed and janky structure, creatures with deathtouch slows the deck down quite significantly, so beware.



Cast Tyrranax Rex (or Carnage Tyrant) as fast as you can, and swing for the kill. Done. Don't think about doing anything else. Opponent not using black and blue spells in Timeless? Well… it’s not the end of the world.

Gameplay Video

(Credit by Teion Takashi)

Featured Cards:


Mindless Timeless Rex Order


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