MTG Color combination guide

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MTG Color combination guide

Sultai"WUBRG" is the five colors in Magic The Gathering by order White/Blue/Black/Red/Green. All these colors form different color combinations with different names. Hard to remember as a beginner and easy to forget as a veteran, here is a list of all possible combinations.

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The Colors of MTG

W - White
U - Blue
B - Black
R - Red
G - Green

Dual Color Combinations

Divided up into Allied and Enemy Dual Colors, allied colors are two adjacent colors of the color pie. Enemy colors are two opposing colors of the color pie.

Allied color pairs:

White/Blue - Azorius
Blue/Black - Dimir
Black/Red - Rakdos
Red/Green - Gruul
Green/White Selesnya

Enemy color pairs:

White/Black - Orzhov
Blue/Red - Izzet
Black/Green - Golgari
Red/White - Boros
Green/Blue - Simic

Three Color combinations

The official term "shards" appeared in the expansion Shards of Alara in 2008. The plane of Alara was divided into five shards, each having three of the five colors of mana. Each shard had its flavor and gameplay mechanic related to its place in the color pie.

The other five combinations are known as wedges and got their name from the five clans in the Khans of Tarkir block in 2014.

Shard color names

White/Blue/Black - Esper
Blue/Black/Red - Grixis
Black/Red/Green - Jund
Red/Green/White - Naya
Green/White/Blue - Bant

Wedge color names

White/Black/Green - Abzan
White/Blue/Red - Jeskai
White/Black/Red - Mardu
Blue/Black/Green - Sultai
Blue/Red/Green - Temur

Four color combinations

The four-color combinations have the least amount of lore behind them compared to all the other color combinations. These are based on Nephilim creatures featured in the set Guildpact. These five creatures costs four mana of separate colors; the excluded color is the enemy color of the middle two colors:

Blue/Black/Red/Green - Glint
White/Black/Red/Green - Dune
White/Blue/Red/Green - Ink
White/Blue/Black/Green - Witch
White/Blue/Black/Red - Yore



The final combination of all five colors: WUBRG. Pronounced "woo-berg" does not have any official name but is often referred to as 5-color or Rainbow.


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