MTG Arena Events December 2020

andreliverod December 22, 2020 1 min

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 November 12–Dec. 18  Kaladesh Remastered Premier Draft
 December 12 - 13  Arena Open - Historic Constructed
 December 12 - 27  Arena Cube Draft
 December 24 - 29  Special Unnanouced Events
 January 2 - 8  Historic Brawl
 January 15 - 28  Tinkerer's Cube



Cube draft will be returning, not once—but twice! And not just as Best-of-One but also Best-of-Three! Both the Arena Cube and Tinkerer's Cube will be available in traditional Best-of-Three formats at the same time and at the same entry price as their Best-of-One counterpart, though will follow the three matches (regardless of win/loss record) structure as our other Traditional Drafts. 

In Cube formats draft with special booster packs curated from the best of the cards available in MTG Arena. It is a special and popular format. Note that you do not keep the cards you draft, which is reflected in the lower entry price.

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