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By: andreliverod - 09 Jul 2019

I have gathered some interesting builds for you to try out the first Week of Magic 2020. It is a mix of brews climbing to mythic. 5-0 lists from MTGO and decks from content creators. While we have some budget lists and decks that requires only a few new cards, as always; be careful with your wildcards! The start of a new set is always a wild west.


Arena Standard - Mythic Mono Blue

We start off with a budget favorite. Mono-blue is the cheapest competitive deck you can build. With only 4 Rares from Dominaria, the rest are common and uncommons. Not only that, this new M20 version has taken loluminium all the way to Mythic! He has posted a detailed rundown on how to play it and, the strategies against different decks in this reddit post

Arena Standard - Huey Jensen's Mythic Vampires

Huey recently climbed up to Mythic rank with a spicy Vampire brew!

Standard - Gateshift

A crazy new decklist with Scapeshiftimage has been getting a lot of attention, climbing the MTG Arena ladders. We manage to fetch a snapshot of it:

Standard - Gruulasaurs

Titansfan920 brings us an exciting and solid brew with the new dinos Marauding Raptorimage and Shifting Ceratopsimage. Check out his Youtube deck tech here and his writeup in Reddit Spikes

Standard - The Rule Of Law

The most downloaded deck on AetherHub right now comes from CaptainJamoke and is a deck based around the card Rule of Lawimage. Locking out the opponent out of the game and slowly grinding him down. If you already run a Teferi deck this will cost 4 rares for Scheming Symmetryimage to convert into.


Standard - MTGO 5-0 Lists: White Weenies


Standard - MTGO 5-0 Lists: Mono Red


Standard - MTGO 5-0 Lists: Boros Feather

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It seems Huey Jensen's Mythic Vampires has the wrong sideboard and was mistakenly copied from Gateshift below it.
Thanks for the Summary! Just wanted to point out that some sideobards look out of place.

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