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ChrisCee · November 26, 2022 · 2 min

With the entire card list officially spoiled, everyone can now finally asses what Jumpstart 2022 has in store for us. Nope, we’re not talking about reprint price evaluations, nor are we even going to touch upon the delectable new 14 commanders that this set is about to give.

We’re here for the newest anime art additions.

Specifically, we’ve provided a brief spoiler list looking over some of the most interesting alternate anime artwork that Jumpstart 2022 offers. Disclaimer though, this is NOT the entire alternate art card list. We just listed our choice picks for what we humbly think are the most interesting ones.

Remember, each Jumpstart pack contains 20 cards, a ready-to-play component of a deck that you will be combining with another complementary booster. You get at least one of these alternate anime art cards per pack.




Probably the looniest version of Arrest we’ve seen yet.


Balan, Wandering Knightimage

Well, cat (knight) girls do represent something different in the anime world.


Eidolon of Rhetoricimage

Not sure if we remember philosophical Theros spirits in this manner.


Emancipation Angelimage

Subtle enough. Both for its flavor and straightforward play.


Flicker of Fateimage

Yep, more cat girl spirits, less centaur ones.


Sage's Reverieimage

Probably not directly related to its name anymore with that art. But the effect still counts.



Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentorimage

Well, at least this newer anime art version also keeps her identity completely intact like the last one.


Mirror Imageimage

For a second we thought this was a Kamigawa-related card.


Spectral Sailorimage

Probably the only Flying Dutchman(?) you’ll ever want to meet.


Spellstutter Spriteimage

Certainly missing that Celtic flavor already. But this one isn’t bad.


Whirler Rogueimage

Looks quite a lot more "artificer" than the original “rogue” counterpart.




Oathsworn Vampireimage

To be fair, Sorin et al had already their fair share of alternate arts, but it’s never a bad thing to add more.


Stitcher's Supplierimage

Somehow, this version seems creepier and more ominous than the M19 version.


Tragic Slipimage

Such a disastrous moment suddenly seems comical in this context.




Dragon Mageimage

You know, this might exactly be the image kids thought for the original Scourge spoiler text list back in the day.


Drannith Stingerimage

That is… quite the direct conversion, I must say.


Rapacious Dragonimage

Alright, this sure does fit the dragon's descriptive name better. Are we sure this is the right genre, though?




Arlinn, Voice of the Packimage

Yup, exactly the same energy as Kasmina’s alternate artworks.


Colossal Majestyimage

This feels more like a visual novel scene, or maybe it’s just the flavor text.


World Breakerimage

Great. Now my thoughts of Eldrazi being Pokémon kaiju has cemented even more.




Karn Liberatedimage

Definitely not one sad robot. Good thing Karn isn’t yelling at some random cloud.


Coldsteel Heartimage

So that’s the view when you zoom out the camera a bit more.

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