How to play MTG Arena on Mobile with Steam Link

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By: andreliverod - 09 Nov 2019

The quickest and easiest way to play MTG Arena on mobile is using Steam Link an app most of us have installed already on our computer. Using Steam Link on your mobile phone enables you to remote your Computer from anywhere in the world unless you are behind a strict company network of course. No firewall configuration, Port forwarding or advanced configuration needed. 

Your computer with Steam and your mobile phone connects to Steam's servers and a session between them is created and maintained there meaning that you do not need to go through all that firewall hassle, which is how we did it in the old days.

Here is a quick guide on how to get your favorite card game to run on your phone:

- Install Steam on your computer and add the MTGA Launcher to the library

- Go over to your phone, to ensure that it works outside of the local network I recommend you disconnect from your local network and just use the mobile network while you sync the steam link. If you are connected to the same network as your computer it will use a direct connection instead of going through the Steam servers to link up which might cause some issues later when you try to play over the internet.

- Download Steam Link from the App Store and start it. When you start it it will scan for local computers with Steam, if it cannot find anything it will give you a PIN Code. Which you have to input in your Steam Client.

- Go to the top left corner of steam and click Steam -> Settings -> Remote Play and click the "Pair Steam Link" button and input your ID

- The devices will now connect and sync and you can click connect to the computer on your mobile app. When you do this you will be able to remote control Steam on your computer from your mobile phone. What you see on the Computer screen is the same you see on the mobile.


You can navigate with touch but it is easier to used the D-pad and buttons to go through the menu, use the B button for going back and A to select. From here you can open your Library and Launch MTG Arena.

To see this in action watch the video above. It is a good idea to open the settings when starting the game and disable the Touch Controller to remove the gamepad from within the game and instead enable "Direct cursor / Mouse" to control selections within the game.

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All of us are idiots... Nice Article!
wow...soooo easy to doo....and i'm an idiot....
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