How to monetize your MTG Content

andreliverod November 4, 2023 1 min
How to monetize your MTG Content

With AetherHub, you can monetize all your decklists if you are a TCGPlayer affiliate. With their new affiliate program on Impact, here is how:


How to get the TCGPlayer API Link

After getting approved and setting up your account, you must grab the "API Link" which differs from the "Affiliate Link." Follow this flow to find it:


After finding the API Link section we need to copy the Tracking link and paste it into the Aetherhub Profile page

Insert into your AetherHub Profile Page:


Start Earning

After completing these steps, cards in your decklists will link to TCGPlayer with your API Link instead of ours. We take no revenue share at all for our creators. Decks embedded using our embedding system Deck Embedding will also use your API link.

As of November 1st, TCGPlayer swapped from their old affiliate system to the new Impact partner system. Outsourcing these tasks to a partner gives their affiliates access to a better overview of their earnings and also improved bonuses.

In the transition phase, will support both old and new partnerlinks. We automatically detect which format you use and apply the proper link to buy links. However, these links will stop working soon, and we will disable them in December 2023. So, sign up for the Impact platform as soon as you can.


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