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By: Eliteomega8 - 22 Oct 2021

Home brewed decks are exactly what they sound like. They are decks put together by you the Magic player with cards you have on hand. It could be aggressive or controlling, maybe midrange or even jank. The fun part comes by figuring out your own synergies or combos you think no one has figured out yet. "What if I put this card with this card?" You get to know all the cards inside and out. You can recognize them even when your squinting by the artwork. When you have these cards memorized, it becomes even more interesting and you go in for more depth. You analyze synergies, mana count, and research for possible upgrades. Before you know it, your on MGT Arena or your local store testing your deck. Most players get frustrated at this point. Typically your new deck, the one you put all this work into just gets demolished. O.k. Now is the time when you hold your emotions back. You don't rope people, scream, throw your cards or cus at the host. Now is when you go home, replay those matches in your head and adjust accordingly.  Did you have enough mana, did you have to many creatures, was your deck not balanced to handle various situations? For all I know you could have made a deck specifically to go after a certain card or archetype. And that's O.K. Jeeesh I do that all the time. So now you changed up your deck, you upgraded this, traded that, and now your ready again. This time though you are ready. Your excited because in the back of your mind screaming is " wait till they see this' or "they'll never expect this"   You sit down for your second night with your upgraded home brewed deck. Ohhh look it's Joey, the same guy that whooped you last time.  But he doesn't know what changes you made or what new strategies you cooked up. You start smiling ear to ear when he throws his first mana.  Why? Because you now know exactly what he's gonna play, and he doesn't have a clue. By the end of the night if nothing else you learned more and possibly made some new friends. Ohhh and going 7-0 with a home brew is priceless. Home brewing isn't just fun, it's probably the most educational part MGT I can think of. Now off you go. Surprise those net decks!  Take them by storm. 



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