First top Performing Brothers' War decks

Metagame Standard 
andreliverod · November 21, 2022 · 1 min


We have pulled data from MTGA Assistant and are showcasing the top-performing decks of the first weekend of Brothers' War Standard from Best of one and Best of three formats. Decks are all from Platinum+ ranks. While the match and win rate details are provided in the deck details, note that the meta percentage snapshot is from the last 30 days.


A good variety of decklists, but be mindful of wildcard spending this early in the meta. These are the beginnings of a new Standard format, and things shift quickly in the MTG metagame.


Best of one top decks of 1st weekend of Brothers' War


Mono Black Disrupt

10.71% of meta



Azorious Soldiers

7.14%of meta


Mono Blue Tempo

7.14% of meta


Mono Red Aggro

7.14% of meta


Selesnya Enchantments

5.36% of meta


Mono White Aggro

5.36% of meta


Mono White Soldiers

3.57% of meta


Mono Red Wins

3.57% of meta


Best of three top decks of 1st weekend of Brothers' War


Mono Black

20% of meta


Esper Midrange

20% of meta


Grixis Midrange

10% of meta


Mono Red Wins

10% of meta


Five Color Humans

5% of meta


Rakdos Midrange

5% of meta


Azorius Control

5% of meta


Mono Green Counters

5% of meta



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