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Fetchlands reprinted! Signature Spellbook Chandra

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By: andreliverod - 14 Mar 2020

An announcement came today from Wizards and Tolarian Community College, two new products is coming summer 2020. Video of the announcement from Tolarian above.


Chandra Signature Spellbook

Like earlier spellbook products of planeswalkers Jace and Gideon, this contains reprints of cards in theme with its featured planeswalker. These come in new frames and art, it is quite clear that the target group here are collectors just like the earlier Spellbooks. It was stated that the price range should be around what the earlier products have been, which was around 20$ (US price). Here is a look at some of the cards. Chandra Signature Spellbook will be available at your local game store June 26th.


Chandra, Torch of Defianceimage was first seen in Kaladesh and was a played in Standard a lot at the time.

Past in Flamesimage here cast by Chandra, was first seen back in Innistrad. Later reprinted in Commander 2016 and Modern Masters 2017.


Secret Lair - Ultimate Edition

We finally got the enemy fetchlands reprinted! They come in a beautiful display box, each sealed in plastic containers and they are non-foil! This means playing them and showing them off in your tournament decks is possible without the worry of the infamous bending that comes with a lot of foil cards. They have new beautiful art from recent and older planes which have been brought to life by some of your favorite artists, available from your local game store May 29th with an estimated price of 160$ (US Price). To compare with picking them up from the secondary market, the TCGPlayer price would be well over 200$ for used cards, while expensive for five pieces of cardboard it is a good value compared to cards on the secondary market which might come down a bit from the current prize as these get released.

The Marsh Flatsimage depicts Lorwyn, Scalding Tarnimage is Shiv from Dominaria. Verdant Catacombsimage is from the easily recognizable plane of Innistrad. Arid Mesaimage is from a recent set Amonkhet and lastly Misty Rainforestimage is located on Ixalan.


You planning on picking some of these up? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Its great that they give this Secret Layer to the LOR i think!!!
I will defs. support my LOR with one or even two of these Fetchi boxes ;)

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