Explorer Anthology 3 Card List Complete

ChrisCee July 11, 2023 1 min
Explorer Anthology 3 Card List Complete

Explorer Anthology 3 may not have turned out to be the worst EA release yet, but many were pretty disappointed at the potentially inconsequential additions of certain cards (that would have been better served by other choices). The battle lands, in particular, were criticized quite heavily for being dead on arrival, and they were the very first set of cards that were revealed during preview season. Usually the last few cards were the saving grace of the set, but this time we got... Omnath, Locus of Rageimage, Obzedat, Ghost Councilimage, and Judge's Familiarimage.

As many have pointed out, the list pales in comparison to the great list that Historic Anthology 7 had, which for a start, had the better horizon lands, and even Tooth and Nailimage. Some even joked that it should be named Historic Brawl Anthology 1 instead due to the overlap of card choices that benefit other formats better.


In any case, here is the complete list. As an eternal reminder, Explorer Anthology 3 cards will also be legal in Historic. You will also be able to craft these cards with the appropriate wildcard rarities starting October 10th.

Cost: 4,000 gems or 25,000 gold

Availability: July 18, 2023 to October 10, 2023.


Explorer Anthology 3 Card List


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Sylvan Scrying and Thespian Stage. We inch closer and closer to the Dark Depths deck in historic getting banned on day zero :)
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