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Eldraine Pre-Release Weekend Community Tourneys- 60k Gems 60 boosters in prizes

AetherHub Tournament 
By: andreliverod - 26 Sep 2019

Shape the meta

Join the Worlds first Standard Tournies, explore a fresh meta and help shape the beginning of the Eldraine Standard format. Three tournaments over two days with a large prize pool sponsored by Wizards. Join us and shape the meta, the top 16 decks of this Tourney will be posted in our Meta Game and Tourney List section! You can also view all the decklists of participants after it is over on the results page.


Build your deck today

Our Deck Builder is ready to go with the newest cards, start building and get your deck ready. A lot of people will be playing budget brews as these tourneys are right after the rotation has happened on MTG Arena. Keep a look on the DeckHub for inspiration from our users and content creators. When you create a decklist mark it as a Standard deck, our deck checker bot will have to complete a legality check of the deck before you can post it in the tourney. It can take up to five minutes after your last change before your deck is checked.

Need some inspiration for a deck? Check out: Throne of Eldraine MTG Arena decks

For how long does it run?

Being a swiss tourney with no cut to top 8 we expect the tourney to last for 7 rounds, with 50 minutes per round this means around 6 hours. You are free to drop out of the tourney at any point if you lose your rounds, but when doing so mark yourselves as dropped when you deliver the results for the round.


Who can join?

Everyone is free to join the Tournament! All you need is the MTG Arena client and you need to sign up in on or more of the tourneys, links are below. You need to put in your MTG Arena nick and provide a decklist for the tournament, either your own or any public list on the site. Decklists has to be submitted at least an hour before the tournaments start. We will host the tourney on Twitch where we will manage it live while you play. You do not have to stream or anything like that, but you need to have the streamers window open to follow what is happening, and you need another window for the pairings, etc. There is no need to stream anything yourself!

Format Rules

  • The format is Standard with the new Eldraine cards.
  • Swiss Best of 3, rounds based on participants.
  • 50mins per round. The timer is based on the AetherHub timer on the webpage, not the in-game timer.
  • A tie will be issued if the round Exceeds 50 Minutes, the next round will begin early if everyone finishes before 50 Minutes.
  • When challenging the opponent Select "Tournament Match"

Tourney Rules 

  • Decklist required before Tourney start. Be sure to deliver and join the Tourney at least 1 hour before we start.
  • Before tourney start, open the host stream and the tournament web page.
  • Tourney Starts Promptly at the specified time. The streamer is live half an hour before if you want to hang out and chill before we start. If you have any questions this is a good time to ask.
  • Use the Twitch chat for your main communication as it is easiest for the Streamer to see what is going on there. When not playing keep the streamer unmuted as the next round will start as soon as everyone is finished.
  • Reporting scores happens on the webpage after each round, both players have to report the score, even if they lose. Not reporting might result in a drop from the tourney.
  • Put in your MTG Arena nick in the Game nick field when signing up. You can edit this later by clicking on "Account" and "Edit Profile" on the site. Failure to put in the correct nick results in a drop from the Tourney.
    If your game crashes, you will be issued a loss since it is not possible to resume the match again.

Tournament Process

  • Once the first pairings have been determined you will find your opponent on the tourney webpage. The row in which your pairing is will be highlighted. The game nick of your opponent will be displayed. However, if you need to voice a complaint, please do so in the Twitch stream chat.
  • When Pairing against your opponent, use these settings: Tournament Match
    • Best of three
    • Coin Flip
    • Traditional Standard Cards
    • Timers On
  • If your opponent didn't show up after the 10 minute period, please give yourself 2 wins and checkmark the box that says no show on your opponent.
  • If you have determined that you've played enough and want to drop out of the tournament, please make sure to go back to the results page and checkmark the box that is labeled self drop. 
  • Intentional draws are written as 0-0-3. There is usually not anything to gain on doing this since there is no cut to top 8 plays. If you have played a match and then want to draw, you write it as 1-1-1 instead.
  • This is a free community tourney and is open for everyone, be a good sport when playing. Leave the salt in the kitchen.

For question check out the community discord: discord.aetherhub.com

About andreliverod

André Liverød Founder and CEO of AetherHub.com, techie, senior IT Network consultant, web dev, and MTG enthusiast. Likes to play with fire. You can follow André on Twitter.

"Nuts & Bolts Spike spends his energy looking within. He tries to understand his own internal flaws and works to improve them"


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update score? @zarukrai?
Can anyone explain which webpage to update score on etc?
i'ma keep advertising this.
@GrumpyOldMan You are not able to access those cards in a PvP match since it is a standalone event.
Because this takes place during WOTC Free Play Event, where we have access to all cards, I am assuming those are legal to use for the tournament, correct?

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