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Content Creator Events, The Guests.

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By: Maechael1916 - 14 Aug 2019
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First foray into Showing off Other MTG CCs in arena in article form.
Featuring T1Glistenerelf, Majin_shinsa, and LevDev.

With janky brews, and silly matches as the backdrop to the talk


For some time now I have been hosting Content Creator Jank Brew Duel Off Events.

Recently hosting my 10th event, and featuring the amazing T1glistenerelf, LevDev, and Majin_Shinsa.

Here is the entire video featuring these Creators, and their unique take on some janky decks.

Video of event


Around the 1 hour and 40-minute mark is where the sparky battles end, and our guests arrive for play.

Forgive the silliness that happens up until that point, or watch it and feel bad, for that poor, poor Sparky.

That decklist for the sparky matchups can be found here,

98 F***ingWalkers

Main 60 cards (26 distinct)
Creature (5)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (28)
Land (18)
Planeswalker (9)
Side 15 cards (12 distinct)

Simulating MTG Arena Best of 1 starting hand
(Simplified, true algorithm in MTGA not revealed by Wizards yet)

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How to install

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Install DeckHub Twitch extension on Twitch.tv
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Configure App
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The idea behind these events is to showcase my guests, and their work in MTG be it articles, Deck techs, Videos, live Streaming, guides, cosplay, parody, literally anything that helps MTG grow, and stay the amazing game it is.


If you'd like to be a part of it, come join on in, any time.

The events take place on Mondays, Starting around 8 PM EST most days, and we try to go as long as we have guests.

The Creators featured here can be found in a variety of places.


Majin_Shinsa @ twitter and twitch


T1Glistenerelf @ twitter and youtube


LevDev @ twittertwitch, and youtube

Future iterations of this Content, in the articles moving forward, will have featured decks from the creators themselves, and will likely focus a little more closely on their most recent content, as well as the ongoings during the events themselves.

Also, forgive the sparky Battles in the beginning, I try not to have guests on until the audience is there to show them off.


The next event will also be getting cut down into a super edit, showing only the content creators, their matches, and their intro outro pieces, with some commentary here and there.



If any of this resonates with you, as a player, a creator, or a viewer/reader I encourage you to check out the guests above and come see who's next!


 In Conclusion, the idea here is that MTG is whatever we want it to be, and whatever we make of it.

From the spikiest of spikes to the Johnnies, to the People who Make neoformBrand, or to the kid who throws together mom and dads cards to make their first decks.


We are MTG, and we are here for a good time, whatever the form, or format of the game we love.


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