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Congratulations to the winner of Aether League Season two
By: andreliverod - 20 Apr 2019

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The Aether League has been a weekly Tourney we have been running since 15th November, Season 2 has now ended and a winner has been declared after 13 intense rounds. Congratulations to 2ndBarrel, winning the whole tourney with a stunning 72% win rate after playing in 13 Tourneys!

Big thanks to our main sponsor, The Shadow Nexus for providing the first prize of 100$. Also norskemagic for sponsoring store credits.

A total of 76 people has participated in the tourney, the full results can be viewed here. We have run this every Friday live on with the Tourney host also participating in the League without delay. Running it has been smooth, people can report results themselves and also communicate in the Tourney chat. 


What is next?

With WAR of the spark, the season restart again, with a new host! From now on, MTG Arena Meta will be the host of the weekly Team Aether League. The signup for the first Tournament can be found here. I wish you good luck in the next one as I will not be cutting down on streaming and working more on the website for the coming year. I will be lurking around in the Team Aether Discord, if you have any questions you can find me there. Good luck and have fun ~andreliverod



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