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andreliverod June 15, 2019 3 min

The Endgame is finally here, equip yourself with one of these lists made by the great people of Reddit. We have scoured the MTGA Subreddit for the best decklists, results are as posted by the authors. As always with decklists posted on the web, the sooner you use them the better before the whole event metagame catches up.


Take note on how to play these deck, included are links to the original reddit posts and their authors. I have also included some of the notes they have posted in the original thread. 

Deck by: Jace_TheFreshmaker 
Reddit post: 

Deck notes

Ten wins, one loss. On the loss I ended up mulling down to 5 and still only ended up with 1 land in my opening hand, so I'm going to blame variance, because otherwise I'd have to blame myself.

Ugin's Conjurant and Chamber Sentry are the surprise tech in this deck; I didn't see anyone else run either one. They're both cards that can come in as one-drops with a counter on them, which is an amazing start. Llanowar Elves is a green staple for a reason, and Elves into Pelt Collector and Conjurant/Sentry/Zhur-Taa is enough to inspire the occasional concede right then and there. Pollenbright Druid seems to do fine, even though she doesn't activate Pelt Collector immediately. Zhur-Taa Goblin and Spellbreaker are your basic riot bois, and both Domri and Yanggu are good matches for the game plan. Yanggu is especially handy for putting a counter on a Llanowar Elves, or reloading a Sentry that shot something down. In theory, Yanggu also makes it possible to bring back Chamber Sentry from the graveyard, but I never got that far.

I really wanted to put Mowu in here, but without Rhythm of the Wild it's too hard to get a counter on him, and Rhythm of the Wild is just too much of a loss of tempo in a deck as aggressive as this.

There isn't much to playing this, it's basically the Magic the Gathering equivalent of those cartoons where Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd bring ever-larger arsenals to threaten each other. Once you have the advantage, attacking will generally bring things to a quick close. 

Deck by: Drunken_HR 
Reddit post: 

Deck notes

I lost once slowly to horrible land flood and once quickly to a mono-white with perfect draws. I made this deck a while ago with mediocre results, but it's really good for this week's event.

The one-offs Legion's Landing and Ajani Adversary are because those are the only ones I have, but Ajani the Greathearted and Grateful Apparition are the real heroes anyway. 

Deck by: Sahal_ 
Reddit post: 

Deck notes

The only loss I had was to a Merfolk deck, they dropped Herald of Secret Streams and there was nothing I could do. Massacre Girl was super handy for clearing out a stalled board state, my opponent usually conceded once I put her into play. Only running 2 Command the Dreadhorde in this version because when it got to a point where it was worth casting I would just be able to return it to my hand with Tamiyo. Only had to mulligan to 6 twice. The hardest matchup for me (other than the one I lost against merfolk) was Sultai Midrange, and the easiest was Gruul Mid. Don't know what else to say really, if you have any questions or comments I'll do my best to answer. 

Deck by: fap_spawn 
Reddit post: 

Deck notes

Don't use Chamber Sentry on turn one or you won't get the free amass. Also be sure not to try to cast it with colorless mana.

Only play song on turn 2 if you already have 2 creatures on the board. If you only have one, I would play another 2-drop and play song with another creature or 2 on turn 3. 

Deck by: UNBAN-JACE 
Reddit post: 

Deck by: GlosuuLang 
Reddit post: 

Deck notes

Got 10 wins in less than 90 minutes with a down-to-earth Merfolk list, so wanted to share it. It brought nostalgia to me since the Merfolk starter deck was the first deck I used to grind when I started with MTGA, so I'm glad it's a good deck in this event. I'm pretty sure thousands have had this same idea so I obviously don't want to claim anything here, just wanted to let newer players know that they can use this deck effectively in this event:

Deck by: Bofur 

In the vast meta of creature heavy counter decks, a good approach is to go control with multiple boardwipes!

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The Esper Control is sick. People concede mostly after first board wipe. Got my last 6 wins in no time (approx. 30 mins)
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