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By: CutestHamster - 03 Nov 2019
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Throne of Eldraine Artisan Event (Nov 3 - Nov 6)

Artisan Event Nov 3 - Nov 6

For the first part of the 3 week 'Festival of the Fae' event in MTGA we are getting Artisan! Artisan is a format very similar to Peasant, where you build a deck using only common and uncommon cards. The difference is that Artisan has no restriction on the number of uncommon cards you can include in your deck, whereas Peasant only allows 5 uncommons per deck. Just as an example, a card like Oko, Thief of Crownsimage is not legal, which might make the format an enjoyable break from the current Standard meta.

The following lists should give you a good starting point to build your own lists from. We obviously have no idea what the meta in the event will be like, so some tech cards in each deck will need to be replaced. Once the event goes live and I have had a chance to try the lists out I will update them here on AetherHub. You can also leave feedback on the individual lists to give me, and the community, ideas on what you would change. Luckily, everything in these lists are common/uncommon so you don't have to worry about burning rare/mythic wildcards to try them out!

High Alert (Jank?)

I tried to limit the number of white requirements in the list since this format only has gates and gain lands, which makes most 3+ color decks next to impossible to play. Shimmer of Possibilityimage is included as a cheap way to find High Alertimage, Tower Defenseimage or Root Snareimage depending on your situation.

Junktrollerimage might be cut depending on the event meta, it is basically just there to recur key cards from your graveyard in case they are destroyed/countered while also being a 6/6 attacker.

Artisan Event - High Alert


Dimir Surveil (Midrange/Control)

Ob Nixilis's Crueltyimage might not be needed for the event because it appears as though the higher costed commons/uncommons with higher toughness are very ineffecient mana-wise. Back in the GRN days (when this sort of list was more popular) I remember running with fewer lands since surveil was so powerful at finding what you needed. Cutting Ob Nixilis's Crueltyimage and going down a land would free up 3 spots for other cards, possibly an extra one of Thought Erasureimage, Disinformation Campaignimage, and Discovery // Dispersalimage.

Artisan Event - Dimir Surveil v1.1


Mono U Mill (Sadness)

My apologies for even suggesting people play this after the horrors of mill in Eldraine Draft on MTGA. I do think this list will work well though.

Artisan Event - Mono U Mill (WIP)


Azorius Flyers (Aggro)

I have no idea if this list will work without Sephara, Sky's Bladeimage but there is only one way to find out...

Turns out Rally of Wingsimage is pretty good in the event as well. Probably had the most success in the event with this list.

Artisan Event - Azorius Flyers

Main 60 cards (14 distinct)
Creature (26)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (11)
Land (23)


Orzhov Lifegain (Midrange)

Desparkimage will most likely get cut from this list, it depends entirely on the number of permanents people are playing that cost 4 or greater. While skimming through my collection I saw a few 4+ CMC cards worth removing with Desparkimage but it is just a matter of if people are playing them or not.

Artisan Event - Orzhov Lifegain v1.1


I hope these lists will give you a starting point to brew up some of your own decks! Please let me know what you would change in the comments below so other people stopping by can try out your ideas. Most importantly, have fun with this event!

About CutestHamster:

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Thanks for the decks, UW also 5-0-ed it fot me in 20 mins
Just rolled through this event with your UW Flyers list! Super fast, good stuff!
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