Announcing Prize rewards for Ranked Ladders April 2020

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By: andreliverod - 31 Mar 2020

With April we are trying out something new with our MTGA Extension, we are giving out $500 in prize money to the top Constructed Mythic placements of our ranking ladder in order to promote MTGA Assistant, which you can download from

The ladder resets every month and starting from April 1st and all the way up until April 30th you can compete with other players getting the top placements of the ladder. Initially, we had plans of doing a "First to Mythic" race as this is also something we track. But after looking at more data and how ranking decay works (Mythic players starts at Platinum next season), we figured that this would exclude way too many players. With having the whole month to reach Mythic, everyone that wants to participate will be able too and we are not excluding anyone. Well okay maybe Limited players, but if we see good traction of users and get more limited players we would like to include prizes for this too in future ladders.

The Constructed ladder as of the end of the March season, the ladder is available in the extension as well as on our website

Information and requirements

Install MTGA Assistant and sync your AetherHub account
The assistant can run fine without any form of login, but to participate in the ladder you need to sync your AetherHub account under Settings within the extension. Make sure you have an email associated with your Aetherhub Account under Account Settings if you use social login.

You need to log into MTGA 24 hours before season end and sync
We do this as a measure to prevent people from getting an early high placement and not touch their accounts again until season end. To be eligible for winning you need to log in and view your profile stats where you can see the Mythic placements. This will automatically sync your standing to AetherHub.

Your placement in the MTGA Assistant is what counts
We are aware that the profile page in the game is not always the same as what you get as a final placement after the season has ended. The client is not always fully in sync with the server, but the client data is what we log and have to go by so the placement we track in the client is what counts for our ladder. Whenever you play a game or open the profile page, your rank will be synced to AetherHub.

Other information
Prizes are paid out with Paypal, so if you win you need a Paypal account to receive the prize. After you have synced your account to AetherHub you will not appear on the ladder immediately, there is a cache timer on the website that refreshes every hour. So don't worry we got your rank and it will appear eventually.

Got trouble with MTGA Assistant?
Be sure to enable Detailed Logs in MTGA, for more information see the Help section. You can also reach out to us on the Team Aether Discord.

Mythic Lifehack - Tips and tricks on how to reach the top

Let me provide you with some tips on how to compete for these prizes which you might find helpful. The most efficient way to compete in the top placements is reaching Mythic early in the month, this will give you a good spot in the top Mythic placements and even with some ranking decay will leave you in a great position when the season comes to an end to compete for the top prizes. Another point to take into consideration is that pre-Ikoria the meta is set, you already own, know how to play with and against the best decks. If you reach Mythic before release April 10th you can spend your time in Events to test out new brews and deck ideas before coming back at the end of April and play for a top Constructed spot.


What is the MTGA Assistant?

This is AetherHubs new MTG Arena deck extension, that features a lot of features in addition to the standard ones you are used to finding in other extensions. We do Deck, Draft and Collection tracking, in addition, we have features like this ranked ladder where you can also create your own team and run your own little ladder! We have Metagame summaries that let you compare your collection to the best decks in the meta to make it easy to determine what decks you are closest to build. There are statistics for each of your decks which makes it easy to understand how they perform. For a full overview of the features check the link below, we are also working on several new features. The extension uses the Overwolf App library to run inside of MTGA Assistant, they are an important partner of us that helps us generate revenue with ad views that we have put in discreet places within our extension. This helps us fund events like this, while right now we are using funding from AetherHub ad revenue, we would like to establish a bigger userbase for our extension to help fund future Ladder and other events.

We are also looking for partners to provide prizes for these monthly events if you want to promote your company or brand by giving away any kind of prizes let us know!


About andreliverod:

Founder and CEO of, he likes to play with fire and also has a Twitter account he posts his stuff on. If you are interested in supporting him on Patreon you will also receive an premium subscription!

"Nuts & Bolts Spike spends his energy looking within. He tries to understand his own internal flaws and works to improve them"


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Yep , was on the spam! Sorry :)
@j0hnstar Still heard nothing from you man!
@j0hnstar I sendt you en email, but you are the only one who did not answer. Check your spam folder or reach out to me on discord.
I placed N1 on last season and I didn't received any email yet! :(
No rewards in May.
is there a similar reward for top 8 players this season?
Within a day @jchan!
Will I receive an email to collect the prizes? I managed to place 2nd on last month's ladder!
Not this season
Be any prizepool also for top mythic limited players?
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