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An Aetherhub Power Panel Breaks Down Mythic Championship V

AetherHub Podcast 
By: Gapollard1 - 17 Oct 2019

The Mythic Rare Podcast - Ep 5- An Aetherhub Power Panel


Well the weekend we have all been waiting for is finally drawing closer. With Mythic Championship V coming up TOMORROW, we at Aetherhub decided to assemble a power panel of Aetherhub content creators to give you all the best analysis out there for the tournament. It was fantastic to get a collective group of players together who each have their own different opinions and takes on the meta and to hear their analysis of the decks the pros are playing.

During the show, we take a deep dive into the Fires of Inventionimage Golos deck vs the Regular Golos deck, we talk about if Field of the Dead should be banned, and also get into some of the more rogue selections out there. Of course, we also make predictions at the end of the show as well. Hopefully one of us nails it, and we can claim some bragging points for Team Aether.

Additionally, The Icon Willy B, who is the normal Co-host of the Mythic Rare podcast, was on vacation this week, however he has submitted his prediction; Kai Budde and his Simic Food deck!

For the rest of the predictions, you will have to tune into the show!


Captain Jamoke:

Captain Jamoke is an attorney by day, Magic expert by night, who is a great deck builder and player. Some of his strategies to beat Golos, such as his mono-black knights deck with Karn were talked about on the show! Did the pros miss an opportunity to gain an edge against Golos by not playing the Lucky Clover, Smitten Swordmaster combo? Tune in to find out!

You can find links to all of Captain Jamokes content from his Aetherhub page, linked below:




 ThyrixSyx is a Youtuber/Streamer I have been watching for a while, and has recently been playing a lot with Golos and with Fires of Invention. Unfortunately, his favorite archetype Grixis is not getting any play this time around, however his experience with Fires of Invention in that deck led him to have some great points about the players in the field using it!


You can find links to all his content from his Aetherhub Page here:



Dr Spilikin:

 Dr. Spilikin has made a name for himself recently by coming up with really creative decks that are just simply fun to play. I wanted to get his perspective on the show, because playing all these rogue strategies on a regular basis correlates to a lot of first hand experience of trying to beat top tier decks with less popular ones. There are a few rogue decks that are super fun in the tournament, and Dr. Spilikin can speak from experience when describing likely success they will have!


Check out his Aetherhub Page below:



Lastly, On the Podcast I claimed that the Czech Powerhouse team are credited for a lot of the innovations of the Golos decks we see, which I thought was true until Captain Jamoke corrected me with the little known fact that he and his team in Discord came up with the strategy before them. He has the dates to prove it, and you can check out his original article on the deck here!



You can follow the Mythic Rare Podcast on Twitter: @MythicRarePod

Thanks for tuning in!




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Such a fun time. Thanks for having me on!
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