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By: Kagros - 27 Apr 2020

Mark Rosewater just hosted another one of his If/When days on his blog. Members of the community can ask Maro how likely something is returning/coming to a Standard-legal Magic set (or, if specified, come to a supplemental Magic set) and he will give his opinion on how likely those things will get released. There are four different responeses he will give (from most to least likely): Big When, Little When, Little If, Big If. You can read his original post for more details on this here.

Below, I will list all of Maro's responses without any of his commentary. If you'd like to see his commentary, go check out his blog here

Update: If/When day is over! All responses are below

All If/When Responses

Raven Man getting card - Little When

Another Brushwagg - Little When

Seb McKinnon basic land cycle - Big When

Standard legal set with Slivers - Little When

Turtle Tribal - Little When

Returning to Multiple sets on one plane - Little When

Supplemental product aimed at Pauper - Big If

Cards with old border in supplemental products - Little When

Return to Alara - Little When

New race of animal people like Leonin and Rhox - Big When

Soldier tribal return - Big When

Actual Angel Planeswalkers - Little When

Magic Origins 2 with different set of Planeswalkers - Little When

Legendary Goat - Little When

Madness in Standard - Little if

Wedge set with factions centered on rightmost color in casting cost - Little When

Lightning Bolt in Standard - Little If

Morph/Manifest - Big When for Morph, Little When for Manifest

Cephalids - Little If

Another Plane with Gods / God Tribal - Big When

New White instant with CMC 3 or less that exiles target creature - Big When

Ravnica 4 - Big When

Multiplayer Draft focused set - Big When

More Generic Partners - Little If

Special Draft set like Conspiracy, but without Multiplayer gameplay - Little When

Modern Horizons 2 - Big When

Changelings - Big When

More Ultimatums - Little If

Return to Tarkir with wedges - Big When

Kylem as a standard set or any of the supplemental set planes - Little If

Elspeth's Home Plane in Standard - Little If

Angel Tribal - Big When

Winter/ice-themed plane - Big When

Red / part red Treefolk - Big If

Treefolk Planeswalker - Big If

More Planechase - Little When

Paper Supplemental Remastered Set (like Tempest Remastered) - Little If

Plane with natural gnomes - Little If

Yawgmoth as God of Phyrexia card (supplemental likely)- Little When

Garruk's homeplane in standard - Little If

New cards for Praetors - Big When

Another Unset - Big When

Double-faced creatures that transform into Planeswalkers - Big When

Strong 2-color theme non-Ravnica world - Big When

Enchantment tokens that have a large presence, like food in ELD - Little When

Planeswalker that cares about counters on things - Little If

Naga Planeswalker - Little If

Cards for other major Planeswalkers with 4 loyalty abilities - Big When

Benevolent, heroic shapeshifter Planeswalker or legendary creature - Big When for Legendary Creature, Little If for Planeswalker

New set on Shandalar - Little if in Standard

Splice on more than one or two cards in a set- Big If

Standard set with major enemy color pairs-matters that isn't a wedge set - Big When

Sapient, intelligent, speech-capable hydra and a set with a lot of hydras - Big if on sapient, speaking hydra, Little When on set

Enchantment Tokens - Little When

Poison counters in Standard - Big When for Poison's return

Single sided werewolves - Little When

Loxodon Planeswalker - Little If

Bird Tribal - Big When

Named Turtle character - Little When

Curse subtheme - Little If for large, Little When for small

Phyrexian Planeswalker - Big If

Great Designer Search 4 - Big When

Drake tribal - Little If

Cyberpunk Plane - Little If

Return to Amonkhet - Little When

New versions of remaining Weatherlight legends - Big When on major crew, Little When on more minor characters

Demon focused set - Little If

American-west themed world - Little When

Updating shortlist on Maro's FAQ - Little When

Ravnica product during Guildpact founding - Little If

Fiora in Standard - Little If

Nahiri as main character in a set - Little When

Takara, Starke's Daughter - Little When

Microbe themed world - Big If

Dwarf tribal - Big When

Non-Core set split between two planes - Little When

Supplemental crossover set (Like D&D the Gathering) - Little If

Mark Rosewater card like Richard Garfield PHD - Big If

Black border 5-color Planeswalker - Little When

Legendary Saproling - Big If

Squirrel Planeswalker - Little if in silver border, Big If in black border

Foxes - Little When

Glimpses on how Kamigawa has changed over the past 3000 years in a supplemental set - Little When

Abzan legendary squirrel in black border - Little If

Grandeur on new cards - Little If

Otaria set - Little When when playing a role in Dominaria return, Little if of being centered

Norse Mythology plane - Big When

Ashiok home plane set - Big If

Evil Gatewatch set - Little If

Nonlegendary creature that can be commander - Little if for legendary noncreature, Big If for non-legendary creature

Return to Lorwyn - Little If

Return to Kamigawa or Kamigawa-focused Commander product - Little If on former, Little When on latter

Standard non-Core set with a prominent Dragon theme - Big When on Dragon theme, Little When on prominent

New Garruk color - Little If

Reveal that two different planes are on same world - Little If

Three color commands - Little When

Design revolution on the same scale as double faced cards - Big When

Another set with a lot of Eldrazi - Little If

Creature type: Dinosaur Wizard - Big If in black border, Little If in silver border

Sorin and Nahiri in same set - Big When

Set with protagonist is one of the normal antagonists like Ob Nixilis - Little When

Spider as a focused tribe in a set - Little If

Planeswalker from Lorwyn/Shadowmoor even on a different plane - Little When

Creature that both adds mana and has ETB bounce "Man-o-War Elves" - Little If

Historic or another bunching keyword - Big When

Gingerbread widow planeswalker or legendary creature - Little When

Shard/arc set - Big When

Ante returning to Magic - Big If

A Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar,The Underworld Cook card - Big If

Magic's 6th color - Big If

Legendary Goat or legendary creature that cares about Goats - Little If

More Bear Tribal supports or Legendary Bear - Little When

Confirmation of Wanderer's identity - Little If

One of the major mono colored Gatewatch Planeswalkers gaining a second color - Little If

Skeleton tribal indepent of Zombie tribal - Big If

Return to Kaladesh - Little When

Blue/non-black Zombies - Big When

Ravnica set where a guild mechanic is a returning mechanic that didn't debut on Ravnica - Big When

Maro killing Magic - Big If

New Aminatou card - Little When

Vraska on a non-Ravnica plane - Big When

Replacement for prowess as Izzet keyword - Little When

Insects with tribal identity and support - Little When

Enchantress support outside of Bant colors - Big When on other colors having enchantments an enchantress deck might want, Little if on other colors having "when you cast an enchantment, draw a card"

Angrath - Little When

Calix and Estrid cards - Little When for more enchantment matters Planeswalkers

Return of Magic Invitational and card for winner - Little If on former, Big When on latter for winning events

Selesnian Planeswalker from guild - Little If

Black Bordered Planeswalker whose loyalty is counted by something other than loyalty counters - Big If

Davriel - Big When

Cards where artists that don't normally work on Magic are brought in for art - Big When

More Gatewatch - Big When

Standard set with main counter besides +1/+1 or -1/-1 - Little When

Hybrid mana cost Planeswalkers - Little When

Ravnica Planeswalker in non-guild colors - Big If

Video footage of Maro's toaster working - Big When

Ajani focused set - Big When

Visible physical disability Planeswalker - Little When

Liliana card with white mana symbol - Little If

New UU counterspell with upside - Big If

Planeswalker at non-Mythic rarity - Little When

Tocasia card for supplemental set - Little When

New card frame - Big When

Something like one of the Time Spiral sets - Little When

Legendary creature depicting Gix - Little When

Garruk-focused set - Big When

Ape tribal - Little When

New backside art for cards - Big If

Another set like Dominaria with fewer mechanics and lots of power/complexity at uncommon - Big When

Bog from accounting legendary creature or planeswalker in silver border - Big If

Seeing Gideon again - Big If

2 mana Planeswalker in Standard - Little If

More black bordered squirrels - Little When

Set Design led by Ari Nieh - Big When

Cards that let you expand your color identity in commander - Big If

Orggs on non-Dominaria planes - Little If

More Snow cards anywhere - Little When

Food (not the mechanic) based plane - Little If

Aetherborn Planeswalker - Little If

Richard Garfield on Design team - Little When

Death of Magic - Big If

More than a couple of one-of Kavus in a set - Little If

Return to Innistrad - Big When

Doubling Season reprint - Big When in supplemental, Big If in standard

Werewolves in a non-Innistrad set - Little When

Flushed out Vryn in a set - Little When

More Ugin - Big When

Ashnod card - Little When

Standard set that takes place a centry or more in the past or future relative to surrounding sets - Little When

More Atogs - Little If

Sword and Sorcery world - Big When

New card type - Little When

Return of Monarch - Little When

Legendary creature that cares about Energy - Little When

Magic set where story is focused on time travel - Little When

Quadcycle lands - Big If

Dice rolling in black border - Little If

Return to Tarkir - Little When

Updated Mechanical Color Pie article - Big When

Gorgon Tribal - Little If

Horror Tribal - Little When

Return to Lorwyn - Little If

Set based on five caster types (cleric, wizard, warlock, shaman, druid) - Little When

Companions in silver border - Little If

Standard Daretti - Little When

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Not sure, but MaRo said that it is a big when, also it is poison, not infect ;)
When is poison coming back?
Agreed, I'd really like to know the future of infect in standard but anything that can fuel my need for for poison/infect is something I'd enjoy
I wish the question asked about Infect specifically. Poison isn't really a problem; it's Infect. But if Wizards wants to print more Infect cards, I'm definitely down.
Poison counters in Standard - Big When for Poison's return

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