All New Commanders From Jumpstart 22

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Genoslugcs · December 27, 2022 · 4 min
All New Commanders From Jumpstart 22

Each new set adds some number of new Legendary creatures to the card pool of eligible commanders for EDH and Brawl. Jumpstart 2022, released earlier this month, is no exception. It contains a total of 14 brand-new creatures that you can play as your general and they are the topic of today's article. So, without further ado, here are all the new commanders from Jumpstart 2022, sorted by color.


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White has two new legends in this set.


Preston, the Vanisher

Preston, the Vanisherimage would work well with blinking your creatures with things like Ephemerateimage and can be a steady source of removal if you have a big enough board state.

Lita, Mechanical Engineer

Lita, Mechanical Engineerimage is a much stronger commander, I think. Its ability to untap all your artifacts at the end of your turn is huge and I think this one will see some play. The card itself has a nice tap ability and vigilance means it can attack, still tap to make a token, and then untap itself at the end of the turn. I love all the synergy here.


There is a single Mono-Blue commander and I think It's quite cool.


We've seen a lot of cards that trigger when you draw your second card each turn. Alandra makes a 2/2 token with evasion when you do - This is already good. However, it takes it a step further if you can manage to draw five or more cards. If you do, your entire board gets a potentially game-ending boost.


Jumpstart 22 gives us a Mono-Black commander.


I personally love Rat tribal and I'm excited to have another general for the archetype. Whenever this Rat-Warlock attacks or blocks it pumps all other Rats equal to the number of Rats you control. This sort of makes him a "Rat exclusive" Coat of Armsimage.

But that's only half the card - It also allows you to mill cards at the end of each turn and then return two Rats to your hand. First, this means he can generate value on the turn he's played, even before he can attack. Secondly, filling your hand with the creature type he cares about makes him a great enabler and payoff.


If you like attacking with creatures or dealing tons of damage to everyone at the table, these commanders are for you.

auntie-blyte-bad-influence ardoz-cobbler-of-war

Ardoz, Cobbler of Warimage to me, reads "Build Haste tribal." Anytime you play a creature with this out that creature will get an aggressive +2/+0. This one would be fun to have some very explosive attacks out of nowhere with and would keep opponents on their toes.

The second commander here: Auntie Blyte, Bad Influenceimage is also aggressive but in a different way. You'll have to deal damage to yourself (or more likely, everyone at once) to turn this "bad influence" into a big threat.


We have a classic case of Green doing what it does best with new commander.


Runadi cares about two things - Creatures with mana value five or greater and creatures having counters on them. That said, it helps both of these things along quite nicely all by itself. It taps for mana to help you get up to those big creature spells and it puts counters on them.

Haste isn't something you see too much of in Mono-Green; Make no mistake about it though, having that large of creatures enter able to attack will be pretty nasty.


We have a total of four new multicolored commanders coming from Jumpstart 22 - One Golgari, one Simic, one Gruul, one Orzhov, and one Boros.

argus-kos-eternal-soldier kibo-uktabi-prince
kenessos-priest-of-thassa zask-skittering-swarmlord


Argus Kos, Eternal Soldier

Let's start with Argus Kos, Eternal Soldier. This card is a watered-down version of Zada, Hedron Grinderimage in Boros. Zada is quite good. However, having to pay mana to copy the spells makes this substantially worse in my opinion. I just can't see adding white here being worth the extra downsides.


Kibo, Uktabi Price

Next, is Kibo, Uktabi Price. This one I saw getting some hype as it was revealed and I can see why. First, the attack trigger alone is fairly disruptive. Next, it has a lot of built-in ramp. Plus, who doesn't love having banana tokens in commander?

Kenessos, Priest of Thassa

Kenessos, Priest of Thassaimage is the Simic commander and is one I'll be adding to my sea-themed deck for sure. This color combination is great at mana-ramp and will be able to activate the ability early and often and cheat out some huge things from the depths.


Zask, Skittering Swarmlord

Zask lets you cast not only insects from your graveyard but lands as well. With this commander and a few mill cards {himself included) you'll not have to worry about hitting land drops.

Rodolf Duskdrinker

As an Orzhov player, I like this commander. Gaining life is something the colors do quite well and this is quite powerful. The only downside here is that it cost seven mana to cast and requires you to pay even more mana to into it.


As mentioned above, each set brings new commanders with it. Jumpstart 22 brought us 14 of them and there are several of these that I'm excited to build around. That said, I enjoyed breaking each of these down for you today. Comment down below and let me know which one of these you like best.




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