10 Free to Play Decks That You Can Play in Standard Brawl as of 8/10/21

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By: bpradiant - 05 Aug 2021

For anyone uninterested in the why or how skip to the bottom for how to find the decks.

Hey there and thanks for reading this. You might not have heard of me yet since this is my first article. I'm Brett or BPRadiant. I've been playing magic since I was real young with like 8th Edition being some of the first stuff I remember with magic. I am a huge fan and especially of Commander like formats. That's why with Historic Brawl coming to Magic Arena I was so hype. Especially since it gets to be 100 cards as well. I'm personally such a fan of this. I know that everyone's hype is getting more people than ever to look at Brawl in general on Magic Arena. 

So that's why I'm putting together this article on some free to play ways that you can check out the format as you earn cards to build your own decks. I think that the early grind on Magic Arena while you work towards your first few decks can really be tough. My partner is currently going through the struggle of only having one Standard and one Brawl deck to play with. It got me thinking that Brawl at first can feel much more accessible to new players since you can use the 1 off’s that you pull and don't need to craft a full playset of a card to get rolling. 

When WOTC announced the date that everyone will get the new starter decks for 2022, I was so excited to learn that most came with one of the uncommon legendries as well as a slew of other good cards like Goldspan Dragonimage. My mind immediately raced towards the possibilities of being able to make one or two brawl decks with only needing to put more common and uncommon cards in them. However, I was pleased at the number of playable things in the lists. So, I got to toiling away putting together 10 lists based on every dual color pair deck that we got. You do have to craft two uncommon from the list though since Shessra and Kyrdle didn't come with the starter decks. I felt as though this was a small hurdle for two uncommon wildcards. Pulling cards from all of the starter decks together to form some what I would say is low to mid-tier brawl decks. I then went and tested them and still managed to put up some decent numbers on my account which already had all the cards. I managed at least a 40%-win rate with every deck. Now that win rate isn't much to write home about for a Brawl deck however, I was excited that I could put up these numbers with decks that every player in the game would have access to no matter how new they were. 

Some of the decks seem to hold up better than others without needing too much more to get going. But I tried my best to create decks that felt at least somewhat faithful to the strengths of that color pair with the cards available. I think that they also give you options to play as you upgrade your collection to easily finish quests. Since the quests in MTG Arena are mostly play x spells of a two-color pair these decks are great for letting you complete your quests with variety and not just having to rely on a deck that may just have one of the colors in it. 

If you are a brand-new player, you will still need to unlock these decks as part of the color challenge and the daily deck unlocks after that. But once you have all 10 which should be less than a week after starting the game, you'll have access to them. For everyone else these decks and the cards to make them will be added to your account during the downtime on 08/10/2021 in the morning. You can then import these lists and go about testing out the format that is Brawl. 

How to find and import these lists!

So, the easiest way is to actually just click this link BPRadiant Brawl Decklists. They are listed with the commander and then Free Trial after. You can export them directly from there. You can also find them by searching them up on the deck hub following the order below. 

DeckHub -> Brawl -> Search Deck -> Free Trial

They should be up publicly this way for about a week, but I'll keep them on my hub for a while still. 


I hope ya'll found this article helpful for yourself or for getting a friend to try Brawl with you. Stay tuned I plan to bring more articles focused on Brawl and Historic Brawl as well as Deck lists and Videos in the coming weeks. 


Have a great day and as always! Be Radiant!


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