The Aether League 22

Organizer AetherHub
Constructed: Standard
Finished: 19 Apr 2019
League: Aether Championship 2

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Table Player 1 Player 2 Match Results
1 2ndBarrel (0 Points) natkorch (0 Points) 1 - 2
2 Wondermelodies (0 Points) Clomsen (0 Points) 2 - 1
3 theelkspeaks (0 Points) andreliverod (0 Points) 0 - 2
4 Grantopolo#40091 (0 Points) Leonalightmyfire (7113246287) (0 Points) 0 - 2

Terminology Explained

Rank Name Points Results OMW GW OGW
1 andreliverod 3 1 - 0 33.3333% 100.0000% 33.3333%
2 Leonalightmyfire 3 1 - 0 33.3333% 100.0000% 33.3333%
3 Wondermelodies 3 1 - 0 33.3333% 66.6666% 33.3333%
4 natkorch 3 1 - 0 33.3333% 66.6666% 33.3333%
5 2ndBarrel 0 0 - 1 100.0000% 33.3333% 66.6666%
6 Clomsen 0 0 - 1 100.0000% 33.3333% 66.6666%
7 theelkspeaks 0 0 - 1 100.0000% 0.0000% 100.0000%
8 Grantopolo#40091 0 0 - 1 100.0000% 0.0000% 100.0000%

Season Finale!
Tourney Date 19th April (2 PM EST / 6 PM UTC)
Big thanks to the main Sponsor of the prize pool: Aya Senpai from The Shadow Nexus
and also donators SuperBC, Aakvik and!

The Aether League is a competitive seasonal league for MTG Arena players. Weekly results count towards a cumulative result every season. 

Free Entry w/ Prize Support at end of Season
Swiss best of 3 with a maximum of 5 rounds

Swiss means that you play all rounds, even if you lose. Your combined record each week will be added to the league stats for establishing a Seasonal leaderboard. Your final results in the league are based on how many points you have. The more you play and the more matches you win during the season, the higher up you are placed. max cap of rounds is 5 each tourney.

Prizes for current Season (You need Paypal to receive payment)
The season ends a week before the next set on MTGA
1st place: 100$
2nd place: 30$
3rd place: 20$

Extra Prize for best Norwegian player of the Championship: We are sponsored by the Norwegian website Norske Magic: You get 100 credits on the website (You need an account) as the top Norwegian player. 

If any prize is won by the Stream-host, it goes in next seasons prize pool. Donations during stream also go to next seasons prize pool

We are playing Best of Three with Coinflip. Both Players have to select this when challenging each other. You can find your opponent's in-game name by clicking the Gamepad icon beside his name. If you play Nexus, please see the note above. You have to play the same deck all the time

Host Stream:

With a maximum of 5 rounds, the tourney will take between 4-5 hours if fewer people have joined the rounds will be adjusted accordingly. The round timer is available in the browser and will tell you how much time is left. We play 50minute rounds. If you and your opponent does not manage to finish within the time the result will be a draw 1-1-1. Pay attention, if everyone finishes before the time the next round will be immediately paired.

How do we run it? 
To participate, show up on the Friday stream starting 2 PM EST / 7 PM UTC. We start exactly at that time, and you have to open your webbrowser on the tourney page to show that you are online. We kick out everyone that is not live in the tourney to prevent no-shows in round 1. If you are kicked out by mistake you can rejoin by refreshing your browser, but be quick because you do not have much time. Best thing is to come to the stream 5-10 minutes beforehand. 

You can pre-register now or type !tourney in the chat Friday to join. You need to have this tournament page open under the whole tournament so we can send you the pairings and time left in the round.  You report result by clicking the report button when you are done. Everything is done in your web browser. You can ask the stream host if you need help with anything by typing in the tourney or Twitch chat.

Team Aether Discord Community:

Public Information
This is a public Tourney, all information on results and usernames will be stored for public view, by participating you agree to this.