The Aether League

Every Friday (1 PM EST / 6 PM UTC)

The Aether League is a competitive and free event held on MTG Arena. Hosted on, each tourney counts towards cumulative seasonal points with a prize to the winner.

League Standings: The Aether League

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AetherHub Community Cup

Every Friday (9 PM EST / 2 AM UTC )

A free weekly community tournament open for everyone on MTG Arena. Weekly results counts towards cumulative seasonal points, with a prize to the winner.

League Standings: AetherHub Community Cup

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Latest Leagues Weekly Community Cup [NA]
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Aether Championship GRN
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DHSB Games Club
Series of 1 tourneys
Neobookings MTG 2018 League
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Vintage League
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Westboro Magic League
Series of 1 tourneys
Pauper Modern 2018!
Series of 4 tourneys
Sandefjord MTG 2018
Series of 11 tourneys

"Auto pairings, standings and statistics"

"Add players manually or let them sign up"

"Challenge friends on MTGO, MTGA or in paper"

"Chat support in Public tourneys"

Tourney Hub makes it easy to create and manage Magic The Gathering tournaments, be it a home tournament or a event at a big venue. The system supports over 4.000 players in the same tournament. We automatically calculate pairings and standings for Swiss tournaments and present round pairings and standings in a easy to read table.

By creating a Public tourney players can join tournaments themselves by joining via a link, they can look at pairings and standings live during the tournament. Included is also support for chat, where players can exchange information like game information for MTG Arena Direct Challenge or report scores on their table.

Player names and DCI are stored, an autocomplete will help you fill in names the next time the same player enters the tournament. If the tourney is public, players can provide names and DCI themselves when they sign up. All sign-ups needs to be manually approved by Tourney Organizer before starting the tournament.

If you run events on a regular basis and want to look at stats spanning over multiple tournaments you might want to look at statistics and standings spanning all of them. You can do this by grouping them together with leagues!

All Tourney Hub functions are free.