Deck Player
9th-16th Ad Nauseam Ryan Donkin
1st U/B Death's Shadow Liz Lynn
2nd Grixis Delver Joshua Everly
3rd-4th B/G Depths Matthew Dilks
3rd-4th Grixis Delver Ryan Phraner
5th-8th Miracles Keaton Wood
5th-8th Colorless Eldrazi Alex Lien
5th-8th Lands Casey Lancaster
5th-8th Four-Color Loam Griffin Van De Venne
9th-16th Eldrazi Post Allison Warfield
9th-16th Elves Adam Wallace
9th-16th U/R Delver Kevin King
9th-16th Colorless Eldrazi Dylan Gellis
9th-16th Lands Ralph Betesh
9th-16th Grixis Phoenix Tommy Ashton
9th-16th Storm Kyle Fitzsimmons
9th-16th Grixis Delver Tannon Grace
1st W/U Delver Harlan Firer
2nd U/B Death's Shadow Ben Friedman
3rd-4th Grixis Control Mackenzie Endress
3rd-4th U/B Delver Lyle Rolfes
5th-8th Death and Taxes Michael Braverman
5th-8th W/U Stoneblade Benjamin Nichols
5th-8th Miracles Kyle Dorgan
5th-8th Sneak and Show Ryder Aguilera
9th-16th B/G Depths James Pogue
9th-16th W/U Stoneblade Joel Sadowsky
9th-16th Grixis Delver Zachary Koch
9th-16th Four-Color Loam David Richardson
9th-16th U/R Delver William Stacy
9th-16th Elves Kyle Palmer
9th-16th Grixis Delver Ethan Gaieski
9th-16th Grixis Delver Amir Akhundzader
1st Grixis Delver Roland Chang
2nd Grixis Control Anderson Boone
3rd-4th Sneak and Show Joseph Horton
3rd-4th WU Stoneblade Kenta Hiroki
5th-8th Affinity Matthew Whittle
5th-8th Maverick Austin Widmer
5th-8th Death and Taxes Brent Miles
5th-8th Elves Eric Meadow
9th-16th Grixis Phoenix Michael Rapp
9th-16th WU Stoneblade Thomas Gullo
9th-16th Grixis Control Lucas Wade
9th-16th Mono-Red Prison Jordan Goodwin
9th-16th Sneak and Show Christopher Kucera
9th-16th Death and Taxes Daniel Booth
9th-16th Maverick Lewis Cook
9th-16th BR Reanimator Blake Demers
1st Grixis Delver Roland Chang