The Content Creator Program

  • Content Creator on your profile
  • Free for Twitch Partners and Youtube channels with over 1000 subs, contact us!
  • Access to posting Articles
  • Videos from Content creators shows up on front page
  • Videos from Content creators shows up in the MTGA Assistant Extension!
  • Twitch: five live Twitch Content creators will be shown on the front page
  • Deck folders: get five deck folder for sorting decks
  • See who follows you
  • All content you post will have additional visibility on Aetherhub
  • Earn revenue on card sales as a TCGplayer affiliate, see requirements below

With Aetherhub, Content Creators have a unique opportunity to earn commission payments from TCGplayer by posting decklists on our site. Normally all revenue from card sales on a website goes to the owners of the website, we want Content creators using AetherHub to leverage our website and partnership with TCGPlayer and give them all revenue earned from decks they post.

We do not take any cuts off referral sales, all payments come from TCGplayer directly. We give you life-time content creator status on our site and help set you up as a TCGPlayer Affiliate. Having Content Creator status on AetherHub gives your user and decks more visibility, you have access to the article system, videos and writeups you post will automatically be visible on the front page. We now also post Youtube videos from content creators inside of our game extension: MTGA Assistant.

This way we can reward people that drive traffic to our site, and Content Creators can get paid for doing something they would do anyway; Posting decklists.

TCGplayer Affiliated content creators on the site get a special card in their profiles the signifies that they are TCG Player Affiliated.

TCGPlayer affiliate

Username is a TCGplayer affiliate. Purchasing cards via their decks or the button below will support the content creator directly.

Shop on TCGplayer

What is the commission percentage?

The default rate right now is 3.5%, this is set and adjusted by Aetherhub does not have anything to do with the commission rates as this is a deal between you and TCGplayer.

Tips for maximizing sales

Letting people know that purchasing cards through your decks supports you directly is important, this is why we have made a special TCGplayer card on Content creator profiles so people are encouraged to buy. If you put a small text in your video template right before the decklink saying that purchasing cards from your decks on AetherHub supports you directly they are more inclined to do so, and they might remember that the next time they do a purchase from TCGPlayer that they can do it through you. Letting people know of that they can support you this way by stating it in the video is also a great way.

Pasting the whole decklist in the description can be tempting, but it will not earn any referral sales.

Requirements and how to sign-up

We are looking for Twitch Partners and Youtubers with either 1.000 subscribers or consistently posted videos in the last 6 months. Bloggers wanting to post articles on the site are also welcome. Reach out to us on the Contact Page and post the information below or contact @andreliverod on Twitter or on our Discord server. We need the following information from you to set you up as a TCGplayer Affiliate:

  • AetherHub username
  • Twitch Channel if applicable
  • Youtube Channel if applicable
  • Content creator name/nick to be used
  • Your full name
  • Location in the US or Abroad
  • If US we also need your mail address for payouts
  • Your contact email address
  • Your PayPal email address
  • The phone number you can be contacted on

Once we have this information we will review the information, send it over to TCGplayer and get back to you with your Affiliate username. This is used to generate affiliate sales, you do not have do so anything as we will insert this into your AetherHub account and you will automatically start earning money.

TCGplayer will send you a link to the earnings dashboard as soon as you hit the required minimum amount of sales (around 10$).

Team Aether Community and Streaming team

All mtg players are welcome to our discord server:, if you are a streamer at any level we offer quest mode partnership and other benefits by joining our Streaming Team!