Content Creator Program

AetherHub Creator
  • Free for Twitch Partners and Youtube channels with 500 subs. Fill out this form.
  • Content Creator on your profile
  • Access to posting any of your Youtube MTG related Videos on the site. These will show up on the frontpage
  • Deck Videos from Content creators shows up on front page and in our MTGA extension!
  • Deck folders: get five deck folder for sorting decks
  • See who follows you
  • All content you post will have additional visibility on Aetherhub
  • Earn revenue on card sales as a TCGplayer affiliate
Build Youtube Backlinks
Users on AetherHub can backlink to their Youtube videos by embedding them in their decks. Content Creators can also post their non-deck MTG videos to our front page! Linking to your youtube videos from websites boosts your channel and video ranking and is what people refer to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Your content in MTGA Assistant
Decks that include videos appear on the front page of the MTGA Assistant app. Every user that starts the extension will see your latest video. Twitch Streamers will also appear when they go live if they join the MTGA Assistant Ambassador program, which is open to everyone.
Become a TCGPlayer Affiliate
Content creators partnered with TCGPlayer can pair their id with their profile and earn referral sales from decks posted on our website. We do not take any cuts off your sales; all payments come directly from TCGplayer. Affiliated content creators on the site get a unique flair on their profiles. To learn more, head over to the TCGPlayer Affiliate Program
Go live to a larger audience
The Twitch Ambassador program lets streamers display their live streams to users. With the latest MTGA Assistant Ambassador Program, we give you access to even both the Assistant website and app audience. Everything is automated and hassle-free. Help us spread the word on our deck extension, and we will help you grow on Twitch.

Twitch Ambassador Program

The Twitch Ambassador program creates value for content creators by promoting their live streams on the Aetherhub and MTGA Assistant websites and apps. More eyes on your stream every time you go live. The automatic sponsoring system randomly picks from all live ambassadors and displays them across our services.

Live embeds from websites mean your viewer count increases, which means more visibility on Twitch.

No sign-up is required; get started within 2 minutes by:
  • Having a Twitch channel
  • Including "Aetherhub" somewhere in your Twitch status makes you eligible to be shown on
  • Including "MTGAassistant" somewhere in your Twitch status makes you eligible to be shown on both,
  • Play MTG Arena

The system will pick up your stream within ten minutes and display it randomly with other live streamers on our MTG app and websites. Having an active sponsoring feature on AetherHub, we have helped hundredths of content creators by promoting their streams. You support us; we promote you. We grow together.

Make sure to include the correct spelling of words in your status. Letter casing does not matter. You can make it part of a sentence. Below are examples of phrases you can include in status messages:

  • AetherHub Ambassador
  • MTGAassistant Ambassador
  • Sponsored by
  • Streaming MTG Arena with Mardu Aggro #AetherHub #MTGAassistant