Standard - Kaheera Mono Green Bo3

4 4 58
25 13 2 20
Aggro Midrange

Climbing to mythic with style. Play mono green, draw cards, beat your opponents! No rogues, no counterspells, no burn. Just good old beast beats!

We even got a fancy combo!

{{Kaheera, the Orphanguard}} + {{Garruk's Uprising}} + {{Vivien, Monsters' Advocate}}


# Deck

[[Kaheera, the Orphanguard]] - She is a decent 3/2 that buffs every other creature in the deck. Together with [[Garruk's Uprising]] we get to draw a card every time a 3/3 creature enters the battlefield. Just take a look at [[Vivien, Monsters' Advocate]] and [[Elder Gargaroth]]

[[Swarm Shambler]] - A T1 threat that interacts nicely with [[The Great Henge]] and can be mutated onto with [[[Gemrazer]].

[[Lovestruck Beast]] - It is a beast, it has a big butt, it enables us to do something T1 and it draws us cards with [[Garruk's Uprising]]

[[Fiend Artisan]] - Only two copies because this sometimes remains a 1/1. But when they start killing', you know that this little fiend rises from the grave and suddenly they face a 10/10 trample.

[[Garruk's Harbinger]] - A black mages worst nightmare. Did I mention that we can easily give it trample? Awesome!

[[Gemrazer]] - Antoher really versatile creature. The value! Mutate onto a [[Fiend Artisan]] or [[Garruk's Harbinger]] and watch them suffer in agony. Also destroys artifacts and enchantments and blocks flyers.

[[Questing Beast]] - Still good. Still so damn good. This wins games.

[[Garruk's Uprising]] - I think this card is absolutely underated and absolutely insane. I think I like it more than [[The Great Henge]]. Gone are the days of getting your 5/5s blocked by puny little humans. This is the main engine of the deck. I probably should play the fourth copy.

[[The Great Henge]] - Another insane engine. Just sometimes it stays stuck in the hand.

[[Vivien, Monsters' Advocate]] - Did I mention that this draws lots of cards together with Kaheera and [[Garruk's Uprising]]? Besides that we pump a 3/3 threat each turn, have access to a wider range of creatures and can suddenly fill our board with the -2. Nice!

[[Elder Gargaroth]] - Also creates 3/3s that might be 4/4s that might draw cards. Also just fat and humongous and can be summoned with [[Fiend Artisan]].

[[Primal Might]] - Green's bread & butter. The one trusty removal spell that does its job every time.

[[Khalni Ambush]] - No one expects you to run this. Instant-speed fight. The one thing [[Primal Might]] lacks. Interaction!

[[Forest]] - where our beasts live. 

[[Tangled Florahedron]] - This is a land. And then a creature. Simple as that. Only play it T2 if you can do some big play T4 and you have enough lands. Don't risk it!

[[Fabled Passage]] - Deck thinning. Maybe remove it because we really want to play creatures asap?

[[Castle Garenbrig]] - More mana! No reason not to run it. Only beware: We can't use it to grab and play our companion Kaheera.

[[Turntimber Symbiosis]] - I want three more copies! :(


# Sideboard

[[Heroic Intervention]] - Against board wipes in red and white. Also to protect agai

[[Ranger's Guile]] - Protect mainly against [[Lullmage's Domination]] and removal

[[Sorcerous Spyglass]] - My favourite pet card. Not that good in the current meta, but nice to shut down [[Mazemind Tome]] or maybe a planeswalker.

[[Broken Wings]] - Very versatile. Instant speed removal of flying creatures and [[Embercleave]]

[[Soul-Guide Lantern]] - Unfortunately with Kaheera, we lose access to [[Scavenging Ooze]]. This really hurts

[[Elder Gargaroth]] - A second copy against aggro and creature decks (gruul, ...)

[[Fiend Artisan]] - Very versatile, but if nothing dies it is just a puny 1/1.


# If I had the wild cards

I would craft me some [[Kaheera, the Orphanguard]], [[Garruk's Harbinger]] and [[Turntimber Symbiosis]].


# Playing against rogues

I will be honest with you, playing against rogues is a pain in the ass.

With Kaheera, we lose access to [[Scavenging Ooze]]. This means we have to board in something like [[Soul-Guide Lantern]] to prevent [[Lurrus of the Dream Den]] or [[Agadeem's Awakening]] from going off.

I found the best approach to just go and beat them down with [[Garruk's Harbinger]]. As soon as we get it going, we flood them with creatures. They have exactly two ways to deal with it. Steal it with [[Lullmage's Domination]] or block it with [[Thieves Guild Enforcer]]. That is where [[Ranger's Guile]] and depending on the match [[Heroic Intervention]] come into play. Unfortunately I only own two copies of [[Garruk's Harbinger]].. still I am happy in mythic, so who knows :)

[[Fiend Artisan]] is also very nice. It easily becomes a 10/10 with trample. Just protect it (yeah..) and then play a [[Garruk's Uprising]] or mutate a [[Gemrazer]] onto it.

One last thing to keep in mind: They only play 12-16 creatures. That means basically no blockers. The threat comes from them suddenly drawing four removals with [[Into the story]] or returning their whole graveyard back.


# Update 20/10/26

-1 Great Henge +1 Garruk's Uprising 

-1 Fabled Passage +1 Forest



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Last Updated: 26 Oct 2020
Created: 25 Oct 2020
395 61 0

Mainboard - 60 cards (18 distinct)

Creature (25)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (13)
Land (20)
Planeswalker (2)

Sideboard - 15 cards (8 distinct)


Maybeboard - 3 cards (3 distinct)


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