Standard - Devotion to Ugin

23 9 5 23

The 5 colors of magic? How about NONE! I've been playing this deck as a fun way to utilize some fun lands and show the power of the colorless cards!

Early Game: Build your board. Yes, put down a 1/1 [[Ugin's Conjurant]] or [[Stonecoil Serpent]]! Turn 2, we're looking at building creature value with [[Steel Oversee]] (this doesn't affect Ugin's Conjurant!), getting info with [[Sorcerous Spyglass]] or setting up our plays with [[Mazemind Tome]]. This deck can be versatile depending on what it's up against

Mid Game: You'll almost always put down [[Crystalline Giant]] on Turn 3. However, a big exception is, if you have [[Palladium Myr]] in hand, along with [[Ugin, the Ineffable]], you need to put the Myr down. The line of play here is that on Turn 4, you play land 4, and can get 'small' Ugin down! A [[Shambling Suit]] becomes a decent 4/3 or 5/3 blocker as well, if you're a bit on the back foot.

Late Game: If you managed to get the Turn 4 Ugin, and you have [[Ugin, the Spirit Dragon]] in hand, bingo, he now costs the same as 'small' Ugin, and you can play him on Turn 5, no green ramp needed! Usually, people concede here. If not, you can liberally use his -X ability because it'll never hit any of your permanents. [[Mystic Forge]] will help you find what you need faster, and [[Shambling Suit]] becomes a powerhouse in the late game when you are loaded with artifacts on board.

Strengths: Hard control decks. 6 1-drops is hard for non-sweepers to deal with, that, and [[Crystalline Giant]] can really do damage if it gets a hexproof counter early. Planeswalkers? Suffer from the spyglass! You can match most mid-range decks on the creature heavy side because of your ability to pump up with [[Steel Overseer]].

Weaknesses: If you're playing against any deck with white, pray to your divine ones that they don't board-in [[Heliod's Intervention]]. Green players may have some [[Return to Nature]] shenanigans, but you can afford losing a few here and there. Even getting hit with [[Rampage of the Clans]] isn't bad because you get a massive board. Sweepers can also hit this deck hard (cough cough, hah) [[Ritual of Soot]]. Just pay attention to what your opponent boards in, and work around those cards for game 3.

Sideboarding Tips: Remember that with [[Karn, the Great Creator]], you don't need to be too concerned with what you board in because you can always get something back you ended up needing. We don't get access to color hate, but we do get access to multicolor-hate AND planeswalker hate with [[Sparkhunter Masticore]] (plus our Spyglass)!

Rotation Tips: We're losing a lot on rotation here, so we'll need to see if this deck can survive rotation. My guess is not? But she's fun in the interim.


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Last Updated: 04 Aug 2020
Created: 04 Aug 2020
495 84 0

Mainboard - 60 cards (22 distinct)

Creature (23)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (9)
Land (23)
Planeswalker (5)

Sideboard - 15 cards (9 distinct)


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