Traditional Historic - Updated JeskaiTurns 2#Mythic

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Here the record:

I usually don't like to share again the same deck but after only 1 month i change different cards in maindeck and undestand what i need to improve in the sideboard also of course hit 2#Mythic so here we are. I suggest to read the previous decktek if you haven't yet because now we talk about the changes and why we take this direction:


2 Chandra out 2 Tef in: Chandra don't fit the deck is just a huge uncounterable threat fine for sweep the board and nice topend for control matchup but Teferi is a very important card for this deck not only for card advantage but for ramp. The best start for this deck now is this : turn1 blue sorge,turn2 stifle+lotus and turn3 tef plus untap 4 mana and take an extra turn and from there is all downhill you can have gideon, stifle or lier the last one usually win the game on this spot because you can rebuy stifle from turn2 and also the extra turn. Ultimate a Teferi on turn 3 is not impossible for this deck this happen to me 7/8 time on 80match.

1 gideon out 1 azcanta out 1 prismari command out 3 narset in: Narset is a great answer to many decks in the format like enchantments,phoenix (this matchup is the main reason for the change) and auras so have this card 3X in the main usually help you to win game1 and is also of course card advantage and fit the manabase in lotusfield (like gideon you only need a lotus to cast it). The 3 cuts are win more cards you have 4 stifle and 3 gideon for the turns now (still fine) 1 less azcanta (akward to draw 2 copies and not good for graveyard hate or in aggro matchup), prismari command is great in this format but we don't really need that food is still a easy matchup and looting wrath in game 1 against control is not needed 1 card for 3 deadcards in not the ratio you want to see and this is also a good matchup so just cut the command.

anger out day of judgment in: having a real wrath in game 1 is really key against serra emissary and can answer all the 4plus constitution creature in the format, also exile is not a big deal right now is worth only for phoenix but now we have Narset for this matchup so i really like this 2/1 split.

Manabase: After adding all this card i opt for a 18(red) 17(blue) 16(white) manabase and cut the pathway for a glacial fortress sure is not untap on turn1 but we have fastlands in this spot and with 13 plains/island this deck can decidedly support this land.

Sideboard: Here is the really cool part, after few tests lantern really underperform so i decide to replace it and adding a real greveyard hate card like rest in peace but now you probably thinking about azcanta and lier right? Well thanks to the new Crismon vow card (Hullbreaker) and the 3x teferi this deck can moove after game 1 to a jeskai control version. For example the phoenix matchup was about 50%winrate before changes but now i have not already lost a single match with this strategy, just ramp to hullbreaker with lotus ,wrath the board and resolve rest in peace and narset this put phoenix in a bad spot ,also he did not expect rip after a game1 lier right?

Archon cut: why i cut the best card for the worst matchup? So the metagame keep pushing away humans so they have to adapte for creature matchup  or just die and if the really like to cut cards like captain sentinel or thalia this matchup is not that bad right? we still have some nice option in sideboard and proctor blocks well and aswer a lot of ETB trigger.

other cuts: the other cuts are just metagame adaptations so nothins really to talk about here.

Conclusion: This is why i share the new Jeskaiturns list be able to swich from combo to control after game1 is huge some times they have too many aswer for your gideon and you can kill yourself with a extra turn so just cut it and ramp to tef or hullbreaker. Rip is key for Phoenix and Arcanist they usually have a lot of answer for artifact graveyard hate but a rip is usually game. Teferi Hero of Dominaria untap 4 mana and draw a card in this deck so keep in mind now you have different outs in some spots with this moove.



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Last Updated: 26 Nov 2021
Created: 26 Nov 2021
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Mainboard - 60 cards (23 distinct)

Creature (6)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (22)
Land (23)
Planeswalker (9)

Sideboard - 15 cards (9 distinct)


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