Traditional Historic - Fuel for the Fire

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Grow the forest to burn your enemies.

This deck uses Overgrown battlement to ramp into the big hitters of Fight with Fire and Banefire, protect your Overgrown battlement above all other creatures. The main deck has a wide variety of options in dealing with removal, life gain, death touch, enchantments and counter spells and is optomized for Bo1. The side board can supplement it's defenses against any of those particaulr effects as well as the option of slotting in Junk troller to deal with graveyard shenanignas. I've personaly taken this deck to mythic tier in Historic Bo1 and while it does struggle in diamond+ it is a highly capable deck due to its ability to shut down life gain and provide uncounterable and unpreventable damage through bane fire allowing you to easily hit for 10-20 damage a turn while maintaining chip damage through Thermo-Alchemist, Chandra, Assault Formation, and Planewide Celebration. 


Win Conditions:

Your Primary win condition is Banefire, an X manacost spell which at 5 mana becomes uncounterable and unpreventable. Getting multiple battlements out will end the game in short order. Fight with Fire controls the early game with a cheap 5 damage card that can be kicked into a board clear or win condition later. You should look to play Overgrown Battlement and focus on pumping out additonal defenders while removing key threats with FwF, Devil's Play, and broken wings. Sundew's indestructable effect can be crutched to bide time through removal or death touch heavy decks. Use Shatter Skull to handle any very large creatuers or multiple threats at once. Devils play is an excellet discard target when you are forced to discard or allows you to kill low value creatures via's its graveyard cast while also providing you with a win condtion agasint heavy mill. Assault formation or summoning tokens via planewaide celebration can spell the end of many enemies after a board wipe or if they simply can't keep signifacnt board precense through our burn options. 



It's primary weakness is against flying agro decks as it has limited options to deal with multitudes of weak flying creatures as often ramping into fight with fire may take to long or simply continue to deny you a win condtion forcing you to use its kicker to keep the board clear. Draw can also be an issue with this deck due to its ability to ramp into 9-20+ mana by turn 4 allowing you to play your hand out rapidly and stall out.   


Important Mechanics:

Chandra comes into play with 5 loyalty and only needs 7 to cast her ultimate. Casting Planewide celebreation and choosing the proliferate option 3 times, will allow you to instantly cast her ultimate and keep her on the field. It is not uncommon to have plenty of mana to do this in 1 turn past turn 5 or 6 alternativley casting her +1 and then using Planewide on the next turn is also viable against many opponenets. 

Hold Thermo alchemist's ability until after your oppoent's attack phase. This can allow you to block with Alchemist and then tirgger its ability right before it untaps on your turn. 

You should almost always use Tibalt's -1 ability when able. They are very effective blockers and oppoenents often discount the -1 to any target on death allowing you to pick off supporting weenies on your oppoenets field or trigger spectale for Light up the Stage.

Mirror shield triggers before any damage is asigned. This allows you to asign a blocker that would typicaly die from damage alone and destroy a deathtouch creature before it deals its combat damage. 




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Last Updated: 15 Apr 2021
Created: 09 Apr 2021
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Mainboard - 60 cards (21 distinct)

Creature (12)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (23)
Land (22)
Planeswalker (3)

Sideboard - 15 cards (7 distinct)


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