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The goal is to get Aetherworks Marvelimage on the board with at least 6 Energy counters. Tap it for 6 energy which will allow you to look at the top 6 cards on your deck, then pick a card that will go straight to the battlefield without paying its mana cost. You can play high mana cost cards like Ugin, the Spirit Dragonimage, Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hungerimage, or Emrakul, the Promised Endimage.

* Attune with Aetherimage will fetch basic lands and generate 2 energy.

* Harnessed Lightningimage generates 3 energy, but can be used to remove mana equal to the number of energy you have. If you need to generate 3 energy to activate Aetherworks Marvelimage you can target any creature (watch out for effects that are triggered by being targeted) and pay 0 energy and you will keep the 3 energy it generates.

* Woodweaver's Puzzleknotimage creates 3 energy and gains 3 life when it enters the battlefield. You can then sack it for another 3 energy and gain another 3 life.

* Servant of the Conduitimage and Rogue Refinerimage are creatures that generate energy when they enter the battlefield. Servant can be tapped for 1 mana for 1 energy. Use Rogue Refinerimage to block attacks to buy you time. Try to save Servant as long as possible as you may need the mana for the 2nd winning condition.

* Vessel of Nasaceny doesn't generate mana when it enters the battlefield, however, if you have Aetherworks Marvelimage on the battlefield you gain 1 energy for each card that leaves the battlefield. Sacrificing Vessel of Nasaceny will allow you to look at the top 4 cards and put an artifact, creature, enchantment, land, or Planeswalker into your hand. The rest will go to the graveyard.

* Thought-Knot Seerimage is an Eldrazi creature that allows you to see your opponent's hand and discard a non-land card. Helpful for hand disruption.

* Aetherworks Marvelimage Do not put it on the battlefield as soon as you have the mana. Opponents know this card is used to bring out big creatures and will be targeted immediately. Whenever a card, including Aetherworks Marvelimage, leaves the battlefield you get 1 energy. You want to put one of your high-cost Eldrazi creatures or Ugin onto the battlefield. If they are not drawn start the generating energy process over again.


Start the win/con

* If you put Emrakul, the Promised Endimage on the battlefield at the beginning of your opponent's turn you are in control. You can cast, target, and destroy their spells. Read the cards before using them. Some cards say, "target opponent" and you can end up destroying your creatures. The goal is to disrupt their win/con. Are they playing from their graveyard? Do they have a way to exile a graveyard? Then exile theirs. Do they have tokens? sacrifice every token you can. Do they have a Planeswalker? Use their loyalty points, if it benefits you to destroy or remove their spells. At the attack step, attack with the smaller creatures and then block with your larger creatures to get them off the board. Be mindful as to not kill your creatures with their death touch. At the end of the turn, if they didn't concede, they will get another turn.

* Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hungerimage is indestructible. When he attacks your opponent exiles the top 20 cards of their deck. Ulamog is there to protect or for blunt-force trauma to your opponent.

* Ugin, the Spirit Dragonimage plus 2 ability does 3 damage to any target. the minus X ability exiles permanents with mana costs equal to the loyalty points used for X . The -10 ability gains you 7 life, draw 7 cards, and picks 7 to go straight to the battlefield without paying the mana cost for any of them.


Win/Con 2 (Plan B)

Be mindful of what you put in your graveyard. Emrakul, the Promised Endimage cost 13 colorless, but costs 1 less for each card type in the graveyard. The cheapest you can put Emerakul on the battlefield for is 6 colorless. This is helpful if you are not drawing the cards needed to use Aetherwork Marvel and the game is dragging on or if your opponent is milling you.


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Last Updated: 03 Aug 2023
Created: 11 Jun 2023
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Mainboard - 60 cards (20 distinct)

Creature (15)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (20)
Land (23)
Planeswalker (2)

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