Commander - Tarkir EDH Battlebox: The Sultai Brood

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Disclaimer: This deck is part of a 5 deck EDH Battlebox and is balanced to be played in that environment.

Hey there, LKv here,  I have decided to bring one of my pet projects to AetherHub!  I started playing back in Khans of Tarkir and the plane always fascinated me.  The story and flavor were fantastic!  2 years ago, I ordered a set of Dragons of Tarkir prerelease kits to get the unique Tarkir Dragonflight Spindowns and with the spare cards (along with the rest of my collection from around KTK block), I set out on this project.  

What is the Tarkir EDH Battlebox?
The goal was to build 5 EDH decks themed around the Clans/Dragonflights while sticking primarily to the themes/mechanics of the original block.  Eventually we ended up with some very low-powered but flavorful decks.  These evolved over time after more and more playtesting to shore up some of the decks' weaknesses and make the play experience better.  What you see above is the current state of the decks which just received a new bit of love with the return to wedges in Ikoria!  These decks are intended to be new-player friendly which is why there is not a large variation of keywords, ability words, and such.  Here are some links to the decks included in the battlebox.

The Battlebox:
The Abzan Houses
The Jeskai Way
The Sultai Brood
The Mardu Horde
The Temur Frontier

The Sultai Brood:
The Sultai Brood is a decadent and merciless clan which lurks in ancient palaces in the steaming jungles of Tarkir. After striking a deal with the demonic Rakshasa, they employ necromancy to fuel their schemes of dominating the other clans. The clan rules from Kheru Temple, deep in the jungles. The Ruthlessness of the Sultai is known far and wide, the Fang of the Dragon, which emblazons their banners, warns others to be wary and fearful of the clan. Delve and Exploit are the mechanics of the clan. Delve lets you exile cards from your graveyard to help you cast your spells. Exploit gives you the option to sacrifice a creature to gain an additional effect when the creature with exploit enters the battlefield. The Sultai will use any means necessary to come out on top.

If there are exactly 5 players, these decks can be played under Star rules. Star is a format that is based on the color pentagram on the back of every Magic card. In this format all 5 players are competing against one another. In order to win a player must defeat the two enemy players on the opposite side of the color pentagram.

The color assignments for each deck are:
Abzan - White
Jeskai - Blue
Sultai - Black
Mardu - Red
Temur - Green

As the Sultai, you are allied with the Jeskai and the Mardu. You win the game when both of your enemies, the Abzan and the Temur, are dead.


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Last Updated: 22 Dec 2020
Created: 09 Apr 2020
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Commander - 1 cards (1 distinct)


Mainboard - 99 cards (83 distinct)

Creature (30)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (30)
Land (37)
Planeswalker (2)

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