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The main gameplan of this deck is to put down [[Anje falkenrath]] as soon as possible.

[[Anje Falkenrath]] has haste, so tap her to discard a card with madness in your hand, and repeat until we have none in out hand, except if we have a situation where one could be useful -see below-.

The deck has "five" parts to it:

1. Mana and acceleration

2. Madness Cards

3. Tutors / Extenders

4. Infinite Combos

5. Protection

There is one card that doesn't fit these four parts, [[sensei's divining top]] , but is a pet card of mine and really helps with consistency later in the game. 

Then, through thinning your deck, using combo extenders/tutors to get to a combo as fast as possible, we can assemble a win as early as turn 2-3.


Mana And Acceleration

This deck runs as many ways as can fit to get to at least a turn 2 [[Anje falkenrath]] , but can easiy get to a turn 1. 

For Example: [[Swamp]] , [[Mana Crypt]] , Exile [[Simian Spirit Guide]] can cast [[Anje Falkenrath]] turn 1 with 1 colorless floating. 

Another Example: [[Mountain]], [[Lotus Petal]], [[Rite Of Flame]]

As well, every land in the deck can come down untapped as fast as possible. 

Note: There is only 1 Fetch in the deck currently. In this deck and my meta, life is a valuable resource. outside of getting Anje down, getting access to land colors becomes less and less of an issue. As soon as Anje Comes down, and you start drastically digging and thinning your deck and tutoring, you 100% will become the target at the table, so having as much life as you can at the end of the day is more benefitial than the minor thinning. 


Madness Cards

In Magic at the time of making this deck there are 44 cards that mention "Madness" and are in our commanders Colors. of those 44, there are 4 that do not have the keyword ability madness. Those are [[Anje Falkenrath]] , [[Brink of Madness]] , [[Descent into Madness]] , and [[Falkenrath Gorger]]. 

[[Anje Falkenrath]] is our commander.

[[Falkenrath Gorger]] Would be good, but there are 2 creatures in the deck that we want to discard that don't have madness, [[Worldgorger Dragon]] and [[Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre]], and neither of them are vampires.

The other 2 don't help our gameplan.

that leaves 40 cards with madness, and all 40 are included in the deck. This leaves us with a 60 card deck of lands, tutors, extenders, and combo pieces. 

some of them are even sutuationally useful. Someone shoot down a big thing that you don't want around, [[Big Game Hunter]], etc

The most useful is [[Bloodhall Priest]], as with the Worldgorger Combo Line, We don't need [[Anje Falkenrath]] on the board anymore, as most people will hate her off the board, but most will leave this one alone. (Another way is [[Sunscorched Desert]])



What do I mean my extenders? These are cards that allow us to still continue drawing and discarding do dig deeper and deeper. [[Tectonic Reformation]] being the main one. 

Doomsday is another excellent one that can sneak out a win, or recur our combo if it's been countered. 

With Anje untapped and a madness card in hand, the stack from top to bottom would be Madness card, madness card, [[Worldgorger Dragon]], [[Animate Dead]], [[Exsangunate]]. 



There are 3 main combos within the deck that lead to an infinite win. 

[[Worldgorger Dragon]] + [[Animate Dead]] / [[Necromancy]] / [[Dance of the Dead]] 

1. Get Worldgorger Dragon into the grave via tapping [[Anje Falkenrath]] or an [[Entomb]] effect. 

2. Cast [[Animate Dead]], Targeting [[Worldgorger Dragon]].

3. [[Worldgorger Dragon]] Enters the battlefield, putting it's trigger on the stack. 

3.5 Hold Pritority, and tap all of your mana.

4. Let the Worldgorger Dragon Trigger resolve, exiling everything other tham himself, including [[Animate Dead]]. 

5. When Animate Dead Leaves the battlefield, it triggers to put [[Worldgorger Dragon]] into the grave.

6. Allow this ability to resolve, returning everything that was exiled with [[Worldgorger Dragon]] untapped as if they were entering for the first time. 

7. This puts an [[Animate Dead]] Selection Trigger on the Stack. 

8. Repeat steps 2-7, tapping [[Anje Falkenrath]] to discard a single card from you hand at step 3.5 to dig for [[Exsanguinate]] with infinite mana

9. Target something other than [[Worldgorger Dragon]] To end the combo. Then cast [[Exsanguanate]] for lethal. 

Note: if you have [[Bloodhall Priest]] or [[Sunscorched Desert]] you do not need to dig unless someone has hexproof.

Note 2: If you can get [[Emergence Zone]] down, use it to cast [[Exsangunate]] at instant speed. This way, the combo can continue if it is countered and you can search for [[Ulamog, the infinite Gyre]] to discard, shuffle everything back in as a last resort, or dig for [[bloodhall priest]]


[[Library of Leng]] + [[Glint-Horn Buccaneer]] + [[Anje Falkenrath]]

1. With all 3 on board, Tap [[Anje Falkenrath]] to discard a card with madness, undapping her with a draw trigger on the stack.

2. 2 Triggers go on the stack after. [[Library of Leng]] and [[Glint-Horn Buccaneer]]

3. Order does not matter for the last 2, [[Glint-Horn Buccaneer] deals 1 damage to each opponent, and [[Library of Leng]] triggers to put the discarded card on the top of the library. 

4. After the [[Library of Leng]] Trigger, then resolve the [[Anje Falkenrath]] Draw Trigger, Drawing the same madness card you discarded. 

Repeat steps 1-4 to cause infinite life loss. 


This spot was recently added after playtesting. It's nice to be able to have answers to answers to this deck, namely [[Counterspell]], so why not run our own [[Counterspell]] in red?

[[Pyroblast]] and [[Red Elemental Blast]] help us keep on curve for the deck. If you are fearing a counter the turn you play her, wait 1 extra turn for the mana. If not, use it to protect a combo piece. 

As Well, [[Command Beacon]] Helps us in the case of board wipes or we don't have a counter in hand. Getting to 5 mana in this deck is not an ideal situation, but not impossible. In order to combo off, we need Anje out. In order to combo off with [[Animate Dead]], we would need 7 mana, and a good bit of our mana acceleration is fast one time use mana to get Anje out as fast as possible, before opponents can deal with her. 


Considering re-adding [[Dualcaster Mage]] and [[Twinflame]] in case [[Anje Falkenrath]] gets [[Nevermore]]'d


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Last Updated: 30 Apr 2020
Created: 25 Mar 2020
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Mainboard - 99 cards (89 distinct)

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