Arena Standard - Mythic393 Standard Selesnya Enchantments

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I am a part time content creator on YouTube playing everything from budget brews to Tier 1 lists. I enjoy focusing on build guides and explaining strategy through my videos to help our newer and returning players. I am also very engaged in the Arena Subreddit community, also happy to chat MTG.

Youtube & Twitch: MTG_Joe

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I've really liked the paragon in these shells. There is not a lot of card advantage available in the enchantment shell without enchantress options, so paragon let's you accrue virtual advantage through your graveyard. I'd suggest potentially using a singular "fetch land" like the cabaretti one that gains life. Free play off paragon
Trying out variations of Selesnya Enchantments, this might be a fun one to incorporate the paragon.
Last Updated: 22 Sep 2022
Created: 22 Sep 2022
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