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Wizards - the most arcane arcanes of mtg and personally my favorite tribe in magic. Here we revisit an old izzet colored deck that was quite popular pre-rotation last year. Izzet Wizards typically ran two types of builds:

  • an aggro focused shell consisting of cheap creatures like Viashino Pyromancer and Ghitu Lavarunner with Adeliz as glue. This deck's goal was to run away with the game before the opponent could establish control of the board and finish with burn.
  • the second was a more burn focused list similar to other Izzet burn lists that were present at the time with things like Dreadhorde Arcanist for spell recursion and big finishers like Crackling Drake once burn and draw was exhausted.

This deck on the other hand, is not quite completely aggro or burn. Im hesitant to even consider calling this more of a tempo Izzet Wizard List. It certainly starts out aggressive with hasty boys Stormkin and Adeliz. The two are very capable of running away with games if the opponent can't respond to them. But I also have the typical tempo plays included like Unsummon and counter spells to put the oppenent behind. I even use Wizard's Lightning in some games as removal rather than straight up burn so maybe it's just how I play wizards thats different :p.

However my list differs mainly in the inclusion of an all flying wizard list and this is key (minus Burning Prophet ofc). This evasion is nescessary to maintain that aggressive pressure that so often gets slowed down by using grounded wizards like Ghitu and Viashino. Having flyers also gives us some excellent tools exclusive to them.

First off, Winged Words - I love this card! Typical Izzet Wizard decks usually ran draw like Chart a Course or Chemister's Insight. My problem with Chart a Course though was that the occasional discard sometimes hurt (or helped if you were trying to do Arcanist shenanigans). So to achieve better consistency I opted (hehe puns) for Opt and WW. Since everything is flying, it's not hard to cast WW for 1B. Plus the scry from Burning Prophet coincides nicely with the card draw to really aid in digging for key tools.

Next we have access to Flame Sweep which is really good (might consider adding another; not sure)! Notice that the card says it deals 2 damage to all except creatures you control with flying! It still hurts all the opponents creatures, even those with flying! This piece of removal is so handy and honestly comes in clutch quite often. Also FS doesn't kill prophet which is nice and if Adeliz is on the board, even a double FS won't kill her due to the incidental +1/+1 Adeliz gives triggering before FS resolves each time.

 Lastly some remarks:

  • Siren is great at preventing removal directed at Adeliz and that's reason enough to include her. She also protects you in a pinch and is all around a solid 1cmc that can enable a turn 2 Wizard's Retort or Winged Words. I also added Kasmina as a top end play for similar reasons. Her passive provides solid protection to Adeliz and Prophet while also giving you a 2/2 wizard. Honestly fits better than I expected. 
  • Burning Prophet is here primarily for the scry and the added +1/0 when casting noncreature spells that stacks with Adeliz's activations as well. She can really beat down the opponent if not checked. 
  • Favorite combo with Adeliz and Prophet on the board is a Finale of Promise. If FoP resolves, Adeliz gets 3 triggers off it (only 1 if FoP doesn't resolve as Adeliz's ability still triggers since you casted a spell) on top of Prophets 3 activations as well, making Prophet a beefy 7/6. And don't forget the two spells FoP lets you pick, as a recasted Lava Coil or Flame Sweep, or both >:), can really open the way for your board to get through.
  • Lastly the lands could probably be better and so could the sideboard. I play this list in paper and don't have much of a sideboard to begin with. So for lands  if you have access to Steam Vents, maybe even some Temples of Epiphany, I'd add them. Things like Aether Gust, and Fry would also be good sideboard inclusions if you are playing Historic Bo3. Just be midnful that I mainly play Bo1 so...eh.

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Last Updated: 16 Jan 2020
Created: 02 Jan 2020
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