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Grumgully's Generous Goblins!

Psst, c'mere! Eat these shrooms and get ready, for we're going on a historic trip through Goblin-town! Grumgully is bringing the Gruul beatdowns with his wacky band of goblins, in this hilariously red-skewed deck! This deck is tuned for maximum goblin shenanigans and mischief, so get ready for some nonsense!

{{Grumgully, the Generous}}

If you're expecting a refined gameplan on this one, this ain't it. It's goblin time and goblins don't give a hoot about refinement. The deck runs a bunch of Goblins, some anthem effects to pump them up, and a bunch of cards that either have goblins in the art or say 'goblin' on it. Also a [[Banefire]]. [explosion sounds?]

Lil Aggro Goblins:

{{Fanatical Firebrand}} {{Goblin Banneret}} {{Goblin Motivator}} {{Rigging Runner}} {{Tin Street Dodger}} {{Torch Courier}} {{Weaselback Redcap}} {{Zhur-Taa Goblin}} {{Goblin Instigator}}

Plan A of the deck is hit them with goblins. So are plans B through Z. They're goblins, it's what they do. We have everyone's favorite diagonal monkey [[Fanatical Firebrand]], we've got hasty evasive [[Tin Street Dodger]], we've got [[Torch Courier]] and w've got [[Goblin Motivator]] to smash face extremely fast as often as possible. We are not running [[Cavalcade of Calamity]] because we will be buffing these goblins, so instead we run [[Goblin Banneret]] to teach his fellow goblins how to truly shine in combat. We also have [[Weaselback Redcap]] who can also pack quite a punch with enough mana, and [[Rigging Runner]] can be a first-striking 2/2 for R if we attacked the turn we play him, which should be quite easy with all our low-drops. We run [[Goblin Instigator]] because more goblins is always the way to go, and [[Zhur-Taa Goblin]] because he's the only other Gruul goblin, plus he's got great stats for his cost in comparison to other goblins. Goblins, goblins, goblins.

The Cheating:

{{Skirk Prospector}} {{Arcane Signet}} {{Mind Stone}} {{Wily Goblin}} {{Goblin Warchief}} 

We are in green, and as such we have access to some of the best ramp in the game, but we're not gonna use it. Ramping is cheating, and those racist elves are allowed nowhere near our beautiful goblin friends! Instead, we have goblin ramp, with [[Skirk Prospector]] sacrificing other goblins for mana, [[Wily Goblin]] giving us a treasure token, and [[Goblin Warchief]] making all our goblin spells cost 1 less mana and gives them all haste. For traditional artifact ramp we have [[Arcane Signet]] for either red or green mana and [[Mind Stone]] as a colorless mana rock we can sacrifice later for card draw.

The 'Smarter' Goblins:

{{Dark-Dweller Oracle}} {{Goblin Matron}}  {{Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin}}  {{Legion Warboss}} {{Squee, the Immortal}} {{Goblin Ringleader}}

Some goblins are just wired differently, and they're surprisingly able to do things other than smashing face. They still love smashing face primarily, but these goblins give us some extra utility. [[Dark-Dweller Oracle]] gives us the ability to impulsively draw from the top of our deck by sacrificing goblins for a greater cause, a common theme in this deck. [[Goblin Matron]] is the blast from the past that makes historic goblins worth trying, as it is basically a tutor for any goblin we might need in any given situation. [[Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin]] and [[Legion Warboss]] are both powerful threats that, if left unchecked, can take over the board and get in for a lot of damage over the turns. [[Squee, the Immortal]] is a goblin we can always have access to, for whatever reason we might need, and [[Goblin Ringleader]] is a way to get some card advantage by drawing a couple of goblins, if we're lucky.

The Hurty Goblins:

{{Ember Hauler}} {{Goblin Cratermaker}} {{Goblin Chainwhirler}} {{Volley Veteran}} {{Siege-Gang Commander}} {{Goblin Barrage}}

These are the goblins that bring the pain, shooting our opponent and their stuff in various ways. [[Ember Hauler]] is a goblin that can become a shock when necessary, and [[Goblin Cratermaker]] provides us with some creature and colorless removal. [[Goblin Chainwhirler]] is a goblin all-star with its decent stats and First Strike, with an enters-the-battlefield effect that puts token decks in a little box. [[Volley Veteran]] is a decent body that's pretty good at removing annoying blockers, and [[Siege-Gang Commander]] is the all-star turn-your-goblins-into-lethal card in Arena. [[Goblin Barrage]] isn't a goblin per se, but it's a decent bit of direct damage and removal at the cost of sacrificing a goblin or artifact, and it's quite flavorful so it goes in.

The Pump:

{{Icon of Ancestry}} {{Goblin Trashmaster}} {{Vanquisher's Banner}} {{Immortal Sun}} 

Altogether we have 4 cards to embiggen our goblins and steamroll over our opponents. [[Icon of Ancestry]] lets us find goblins as well as growing them, [[Goblin Trashmaster]] is a goblin lord that provides us with good artifact removal, and [[Vanquisher's Banner]] lets us draw whenever we cast a goblin while letting them grow. [[The Immortal Sun]] is one of our big "haymakers" as a way to completely shut down planeswalkers as well as making everything we do cheaper, better, and stronger.

Wait, These Aren't Goblins!

{{Cindervines}} {{Makeshift Munitions}} {{Guardian Project}} {{Embercleave}} {{Banefire}}

They might not be goblins, but they either have goblins in the art or are too good not to have. [[Cindervines]] serves as our enchantment removal, and a way to annoy the hell out of counterspell and control decks. [[Makeshift Munitions]] is here mostly because there's a goblin in the art, and it should probablt be a [[Rhythm of the Wild]] but it's way funnier to fling goblins at people. [[Guardian Project]] is hilariously, the only other green card in the deck, but it gives us a lot of consistency when it sticks, letting us draw anytime we cast a goblin. [[Embercleave]] is just an awesome card and a super fun finisher, and [[Banefire]] is for those wanting to get oldschool channelling fireball for lethal.


{{Arch of Orazca}} {{Castle Embereth}} {{Detection Tower}} {{Field of Ruin}} {{Karn's Bastion}} {{Unclaimed Territory}}

This is an aggro deck, so most importantly we run no tapped lands here, because we want to play creatures on every turn of the game. We run [[Castle Embereth]] to pump all our goblins and [[Unclaimed Territory]] as a good dual land to cast our commander or any of our creatures. [[Arch of Orazca]] provides us with value later in the game if we're stalling out, and [[Detection Tower]] to get around annoying hexproof creatures, or [[Shalai, Voice of Plenty]] giving our opponent hexproof. [[Field of Ruin]] is a way of dealing with annoying lands that might be giving our opponent too much value, and [[Karn's Bastion]] is our way of sinking a ton of mana to pump any creatures we grew with our commander. 

And yeah, goblins! I wish there were more options for better creatures in this tribe because it's absolutely hilarious, but alas this is what we have. Hopefully it's enough to spread the mayhem and catch those greedy control decks off guard.


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Last Updated: 20 Dec 2019
Created: 19 Dec 2019
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