Arena Standard - Tri-Value Burn (Izzet, Burst, Combo)

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Aggro Midrange

Yep Gamers,The Mad Lad's gotchu with that double header! If you haven't taken a look at Harmonious Hero and you like U/W Control then check out my profile page! But If you are here than I can only assume you like to point a spell at your opponents face and kill em' so lets kill em' then!
The core concept of this burn deck is to draw cards, a lot.... then throw them into the graveyard because we don't need no stinkin [[Shock]] to help us burn! ([[Shock]]s help tho) Also did I mention that the average health of minions in our deck is 4! Speaking of minions all of the minions aside from [[Torbran, Thane of Red Fell]] are equally important so lets just get into the deck!!
The main trio of creatures include [[Electrostatic Field]], [[Irencrag Pyromancer]], and [[Glint-Horn Buccaneer]] all occupy similar roles in the deck. The element that connects the three cards is that each card is a persistent source of damage and this damage is caused by casting spells. Each card accomplishes this goal in a unique way.
First up is [[Electrostatic Field]], by now this card is a pretty classic idea in red, play an instant or sorcery and deal 1 damage is not particularly strong but if you can chain a bunch of spells together that damage adds up really quickly. For 2 mana that isn't a terrible deal, it can also block a lot of early game aggro because of that 4 toughness. 
Next is [[Irencrag Pyromancer]], you'd be surprised at how much damage this fire-bender dishes out. I don't know about you but turning [[Opt]] Into a bolt + draw is kinda dirty, you can also tag 3 damage onto a [[Thrill of Possibility]] if you cast it during the opponents turn. [[Irencrag Pyromancer]] consistently adds value to your draw spells and that thicc 4 toughness is always a plus.
[[Glint-Horn Buccaneer]] is a fantastic card, 2/4 haste is an interesting stat line, but 1 damage for discarding a card adds up when built around, and [[Glint-Horn Buccaneer]] can activate its ability itself (That extra 1 damage has actually won me a few games in the clutch.) 

These 3 core cards are fairly weak individually, but if you get 2 or 3 on the field at once then the damage that they put out adds up really quick. Factor in that most of this damage is caused by cycling/drawing cards and it become clear the threat that this deck presents. Chip away in the early game then finish em' off with a combo of spells without ever having to swing in with a creature. If all of that sounds good then I have great news for you, that is analysis of this deck excluding [[Torbran, Thane of Red Fell]].
I will say this bluntly, if [[Torbran, Thane of Red Fell]] resolves on turn 4 and lives to 5 then you will frequently have lethal. Here is an example of his power....On board you have [[Electrostatic Field]] and [[Torbran, Thane of Red Fell]], [[Shock]] + [[Skewer the Critics]] + [[Skewer the Critics]] = 23 Damage for 3 mana.... Yea.... if Torbran lives it's over....
The spells that support the creatures are a mixture of pure burn or draw, Starting off with [[Opt]]. [[Opt]] is a fine card, scry then draw, simple and easy to cast. Combo with [[Irencrag Pyromancer]]
[[Chemister's Insight]] is gas on the fire, it's expensive but effective, and it also can discard for the Buccaneer with jump start. Combo with [[Irencrag Pyromancer]] and [[Glint-Horn Buccaneer]] for the 2nd half.
[[Shock]] and [[Skewer the Critics]] are primarily finishers, combo with [[Electrostatic Field]] for maximum damage.
[[Thrill of Possibility]] Huh, this is almost [[Chart a Course]] in red.... but it is instant speed and that is pretty sweet. This works great with all three creatures. 
Rounding out the decklist is a couple of cool cards.Before we talk about [[The Royal Scions]] let me just say that this planeswalker, excuse me these planeswalkers , are very underrated and I give the card an A+ from a design perspective (Not a power rating, I just like the card). Anyways....[[The Royal Scions]] is a card that demands removal, not only does the +1 allow us to activate our cards each turn for free, the -8 ultimate is a game winning play. At 5 starting loyalty and an easy +1 [[The Royal Scions]] is a tough planeswalker to deal with.

[[God-Eternal Kefnet]] Is in the deck for those slower matchups, since we run a lot of instants and sorceries Kefnet lets us cast copies and retain the actual card in our hand for card advantage. 
While playing this deck I noticed that it definitely plays differently from a traditional burn strategy and that it has a weird grind-ey feeling. It requires setup, and if you get that setup then closing the game is easy. I would say that it is more of a midrange burn than a pure aggro deck, and that's ok because I have a ton of fun playing it. Next week I have a few more variations on the burn strat so until then I hope you have a great week gamers!


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Last Updated: 28 Oct 2019
Created: 14 Oct 2019
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Mainboard - 60 cards (15 distinct)

Creature (17)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (20)
Land (21)
Planeswalker (2)

Sideboard - 15 cards (7 distinct)


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