Spell Blast


Counter target spell with converted mana cost X. (For example, if that spell's mana cost is , X is 5.)

Call it the thinking mage's version of brute force.

  Tempest (TMP)

Illustrated by: Steve Luke
Multiverse ID: 4728

Not Legal Alchemy BO1
Not Legal Standard BO1
Not Legal Brawl
Not Legal Explorer BO1
Not Legal Historic BO1
Not Legal Historic Brawl
Not Legal Traditional Standard
Not Legal Traditional Alchemy
Not Legal Traditional Explorer
Not Legal Traditional Historic


  • 2013-07-01
    Alternative costs, additional costs, cost increases, and cost reductions don't affect a spell's converted mana cost.
  • 2013-07-01
    If the target spell has in its mana cost, include the value chosen for that X when determining the value of the in Spell Blast's mana cost. For example, if you wish to counter Volcanic Geyser (a spell with mana cost ) whose X is 7, you'll need to choose 9 for Spell Blast's X and pay .
USD Non-foil