Upcoming "Pro Tour 2" RC & RCQ Promos Revealed - Amazing Death's Shadow

Genoslugcs June 25, 2023 2 min
Upcoming "Pro Tour 2" RC & RCQ Promos Revealed - Amazing Death's Shadow

Promo cards are a nice reward for players who compete in high-level tournaments, and the upcoming line-up for qualifying tournaments for "Pro Tour 2" has been revealed. And I must say, they're stellar. Today, I'll cover the Pro Tour Qualifier Rromos, general info about when they occur, and which card comes with which event. Let's dive right in.


Upcoming Regional Championship Qualifier Promos

To make it to the upcoming pro tour, you'll have to first make it to the Regional Championships, which you'll have to qualify for via a Regional Championship Qualifier (RCQ). These are held at WPN stores and larger venues between September 9, 2023, and December 17. Here are the Regional Championship Qualifier promos given to participants and top finishers where available and while supplies last.

An Offer You Can't Refuse

a promo version of the magic the gathering card "an offer you can't refuse"

First, we have An Offer You Can't Refuseimage. This promo version has some cute kitty art. What's interesting is this looks almost identical (visually and conceptually) to the art for Fact or Fictionimage, so much so that it's pretty clear that this art was repurposed from a version of FoF that never made it to the light of day. That said, it is a perfect fit for AOYCR. It offers up two shiny prices with one paw (in this case, treasure tokens) while tucking something else away behind its back (the spell being countered), which fits quite well.

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This is the participation promo for this round of RCQs. If you show up and play, you'll get a non-foil version of this. The foil versions will be handed out at larger events.

Death's Shadow

a promo version of the magic the gathering card "Death's Shadow"

This version of Death's Shadowimage is sick! The cloaked figure is in the forefront, while the misty, multi-horned, multi-eyed shadow of death looms behind it. Get in there and take a look at this art. There is a lot to love. Take the mouth(s), for example. It's layered up with tracers (which shows its movement)and is a phenomenal way to show that death isn't a corporeal God. My hats off to the artist here, and I think this will be the most sought-after of the Regional Championship Qualifier promo cards.

The non-foil version is the promo for top finishes and the foil version is reserved for those who make it to the Regional Championships.

Upcoming Regional Championship Promos

Once though the Qualifiers its on to the Regional Championships themselves. These takes place from January 19 to March 24 of 2024. Finalist in this event will receive invites to the 2024 Pro Tour as well as the Magic World Championship later in the year. Here is the promo card for the Regional Championships.

Dragonlord Silumgar

a promo version of the magic the gathering card "dragonlord silumgar

This promo shows Dragonlord Silumgar in all his terrifying glory, ornate with the previous leader around his neck as a symbol of his dominance. An elder dragon that wears humans as jewelry is a beast if you ask me. The nonfoil version of Silumgar is the promo for all Regional Championship participants. And the foil version is for the top finishers of the event.


For Regional Championship Qualifier and Regional Championship level events, these promos are awesome. My personal favorite is the Death's Shadow but both of the others are great too. Comment below and let me know which one you like best, or if you'll be attending any of these events. If you're interested, you can find more info about them here.


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